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BeefTalk: Crested Wheatgrass Needs Grazing Management

BeefTalk: Crested Wheatgrass Needs Grazing Management

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The spring is a bit cooler than normal, and grazing vigorous and productive cool-season grasses is still on the menu. Cool-season grasses, such as crested wheat in the northern Plains, are a top priority for many cattle operations. Cattle producers are grass producers, so appropriate grass management determines the success of the overall grazing season. Moisture and temperature impact grass production, but managerial tweaks keep grass at its best.

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Five tips for managing parasites in your herd

Five tips for managing parasites in your herd

Alberta Farmer

Resistance is something we currently hear a lot about in agriculture, including the issue of parasite resistance in beef cattle. This raises questions about parasite management decisions. How can livestock operators effectively manage internal parasites in their herds? What can they do to reduce the risk of parasite resistance?

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Momentum against USDA checkoff program continues with 9th circuit ruling

Momentum against USDA checkoff program continues with 9th circuit ruling

The Fence Post

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld a lower court ruling on April 9 that the USDA’s Beef Checkoff program is being administered in a way that interferes with ranchers’ First Amendment rights, and that the government should be enjoined from collecting funds for the program without rancher consent.

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Some myths and facts about EPDs

Some myths and facts about EPDs

Sean McGrath


One of the main areas that I have worked on in my consulting business is genetic selection and the development and use of genetic evaluation technologies. In the more than 20 years I have been working in the field, it is interesting many of the same myths and challenges continue to appear, all during a period of unprecedented technological change and advancement in the field of evaluation.

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Producer targets big-ranch market by using genetics

Producer targets big-ranch market by using genetics

Brad Carlson

Captial Press

Small producers tap cattle breeding and genetics data — via data bases, artificial-insemination catalogs, scientific reporting and person-to-person networking — traditionally associated with the industry’s biggest players, who analyzed their own large sample spaces over many decades.

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Spring is the time for selection for udder soundness

Spring is the time for selection for udder soundness

Glenn Selk


Every year at “preg” checking time, ranchers evaluate cows and make decisions as which to remove from the herd. One criteria that should be examined to cull cows is udder quality. Beef cattle producers are not as likely to think about udder health and shape as are dairy producers, but this attribute affects cow productivity and should be considered.

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U.S. senators seek review of Marfrig’s deal to buy National Beef

U.S. senators seek review of Marfrig’s deal to buy National Beef

Tom Polansek


Four U.S. senators asked a national security panel on Tuesday to review whether Marfrig Global Foods SA’s (MRFG3.SA) planned $969 million acquisition of Missouri-based National Beef Packing Co [NBEEF.UL] threatens the safety of the U.S. food supply.

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BLM using cattle to decrease wildfire risk

BLM using cattle to decrease wildfire risk

Dean Johnson


Ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management are teaming up to help prevent another catastrophic fire on the Owyhee Front like the Soda Fire in the summer of 2015. It’s well known the two sides have not always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to grazing on public lands, but this new effort could prove to be beneficial for all.

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Both data, visual aspects of cattle count when making purchases

Both data, visual aspects of cattle count when making purchases


My Plainview

When buying female replacement cattle or breeding bulls, it’s important to use data and visual observations to make the best selections, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Dr. Jason Cleere, beef cattle specialist from College Station, gave a series of demonstrations on conformation at the recent Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Convention in Fort Worth advising the best methods for buying replacements.

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The Lasting Benefits of Pre-Weaning Vaccinations in Beef Calves

The Lasting Benefits of Pre-Weaning Vaccinations in Beef Calves


“Producers should consider vaccinating calves at 2 to 4 months of age, depending on the operation,” said Dr. DL Step, professional services veterinarian, Boehringer Ingelheim.

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