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What to do for sick or injured cattle at the ranch.

What to do for sick or injured cattle at the ranch.

Kristin Lewis Hawkins

The Cattleman

If you have cattle, you will eventually also have sick or injured cattle. As stewards of livestock and the land, ranchers are some of the best advocates for keeping our animals healthy and whole. We do our job, so they can do theirs. However, there will always be a few bumps in the road, so part of our job is also to make sure we are prepared with enough knowledge to know what to do in case of illness or injury.

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Expense is Relative When Buying Bulls

Expense is Relative When Buying Bulls

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Putting a new face in the bull pen has become a pricey move. Depending on the bull, most commercial cattle operations are looking at spending $3,000 or more for those muscled-up genetics. But he’s really an investment for the entire operation.

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Treat Your Pastures Kindly This Spring for a Better Grazing Season

Treat Your Pastures Kindly This Spring for a Better Grazing Season

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

Believe it or not, sometime in the very near future you will be turning animals out to pasture.  Some of you will have a plan and decide when it’s the right time for the land and animals, some of you will open the barn doors using the same recipe as the last 10 years and some will open up the farm to grazing because you’re out of options and money.

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Dry, Wet, or Average: Planning for the Grazing Season

Dry, Wet, or Average: Planning for the Grazing Season

Jerry Volesky and Mitch Stephenson

University of Nebraska

The start of the growing season will be here soon and it is time to finish up grazing and forage plans for the upcoming year. In 2017, many areas in the state experienced dry conditions during the month of June and some areas were very dry during both June and July.

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A vaginal prolapse is not just a prolapse!

A vaginal prolapse is not just a prolapse!

Roy Lewis Dvm

Canadian Cattleman

The number of classic vaginal prolapses that occur before calving where a soccer ball or bigger mass protrudes from the vagina have been greatly reduced by culling these cows in subsequent years. Once we discovered that it is highly heritable, producers began eliminating susceptible animals from the gene pool along with their heifers so the occurrence from that cause has declined remarkably.

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Fall River farm family has sustainable vision

Fall River farm family has sustainable vision



Dorothy and John Priske are passionate about sustainable farming and helping young farmers reach success. The Priskes, who own Fountain Prairie Farm near Fall River, have participated in sustainable farm-to-table farming for many years. After scaling back somewhat, the Priskes wanted an opportunity to give back, helping the next generation of sustainable farmers.

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How might NAFTA 2.0 look

How might NAFTA 2.0 look

Josh Wingrove

Beef Magazine

A stopgap Nafta deal could be around the corner. What might it look like? Though the U.S., Canada and Mexico have made progress recently, including on the critical issue of autos, the majority of North American Free Trade Agreement chapters are unfinished and key disputes remain unresolved. That means a preliminary accord may still need to be changed to satisfy the next U.S. Congress or Mexican Senate and president.

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