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Improving feed efficiency, profitability of cattle

Improving feed efficiency, profitability of cattle

Penny van Oosterzee

Biz Community

The Sernick Group, when it installed a Phase C testing station in 1990 – the first private entity in South Africa to do so – didn’t realise its significance and the impact it would have in the years to come. Its necessity really came into play in 2015 when feeding costs nearly doubled and feedlots experienced massive losses due to the price increase in maize.

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Mineral Deficiency Common in Cows

Mineral Deficiency Common in Cows

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Jeff Hall believes most cow/calf operations have animals that are mineral deficient—especially when it comes to copper. It’s a conclusion he’s reached after thousands of blood and liver biopsy tests in herds across the country. And, it’s convinced him there’s a big potential upside in herd productivity that can be tied to better supplement management.

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Sellers Need Better Protection From Payment Default

Sellers Need Better Protection From Payment Default

Cattle Today

Could you afford not getting paid for this year’s calf crop? What if after all the time and money invested, your work as a producer resulted in a bad check for your calves? No paycheck on what should have been your annual payday.

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$4.7 Million Cattle Investment Scheme Lands Missouri Man in Jail

$4.7 Million Cattle Investment Scheme Lands Missouri Man in Jail

Wyatt Bechtel


Nearly 90 people were defrauded out of $4.7 million in an investment fraud scheme involving the resale of cattle and it has put a Missouri man in police custody.

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How to handle bovine burial or composting

How to handle bovine burial or composting

Jill Loehr

Prairie Farmer

Farmers have limited options for disposing of mortalities if rendering services aren’t available. An expert offers advice for burying or composting.  When rendering services are not an option for bovine mortalities, Nesli Akdeniz, who specializes in livestock mortality and waste utilization at the University of Illinois, says farmers can turn to composting, burying or incinerating the deceased animal.

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Republican Congressmen tell farmers not to panic amid trade tensions

Republican Congressmen tell farmers not to panic amid trade tensions

Mark Dorenkamp

Brownfield Ag Network

Republican members of Congress are asking farmers not to panic as ag commodities enter the crosshairs of what some are calling a trade war. North Dakota Representative Kevin Cramer says while he’s concerned China has proposed tariffs on American pork, soybeans, corn, and beef, the President is taking a stand against an unfair trading partner.

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Ranchers Learn About Injection-Site Blemishes, Value of Beef Carcass

Ranchers Learn About Injection-Site Blemishes, Value of Beef Carcass

Blair Fannin


A team of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialists demonstrated how much injectionsite blemishes can diminish the value of high-end cuts from the beef carcass at the recent Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Convention in Fort Worth.

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The more steel and fuel you put between the sun and a cow’s mouth, the less profitable you will be

The more steel and fuel you put between the sun and a cow’s mouth, the less profitable you will be

David Burton

High Plains Journal

ric Bailey, MU Extension State Beef Nutrition Specialist, presented “Objective Drought Management Planning.” He noted that hay production is expensive and that feeding hay during a drought is the least desirable option. “Feeding through a drought is costly,” said Bailey. “To avoid that you have to identify and manage feed shortages before they occur.”

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Marfrig to buy control of U.S.-based National Beef

Marfrig to buy control of U.S.-based National Beef

Ana Mano

Country Guide

Brazil’s Marfrig Global Foods said Monday it would buy control of Kansas City-based National Beef Packing for US$969 million, in a deal that would make it the world’s No. 2 beef processor. Marfrig also said it was seeking to sell an existing U.S. unit, Keystone Food. The proceeds will be used to repay US$1 billion in loans it is taking out to finance the acquisition, which involves Marfrig obtaining 51 per cent of National Beef, the United States’ fourth-largest beef processor.

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Putting science into grass management

Putting science into grass management

Ray Ford

Canadian Cattleman

When it came out of Colorado in the 1990s, the Grazing Response Index (GRI) was strictly at home on the range. Now Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Jodie Horvath says that, with a few tweaks, the grass management tool can help graziers on Western Canada’s tame pastures, too.

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