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5 grazing tips to ‘chew on’ before turnout

5 grazing tips to ‘chew on’ before turnout

Christopher Clark

Progressive Cattleman

Grazing season is just around the corner – a welcome break from cold weather, muddy lots and delivering feed to cows. As springtime approaches, it may be worthwhile to think about ways to improve your grazing system.

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Early Path to Quality Beef

Early Path to Quality Beef

Justin Sexten, Ph.D.

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

You know the role health and nutrition play in feedlot performance, carcass quality grade and profitability. Yet many readers challenge the idea that these benefits can be realized at the ranch, unless they retain ownership beyond the farm or ranch gate.

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Cattle tradition strong in Azevedo family

Cattle tradition strong in Azevedo family

West Side Connect

Today, the rural Newman residents keep two herds, a 100-head registered herd which they run on 200 acres of Azevedo Road pasture they purchased in 1980 and a 400-head commercial herd which they pasture on a variety of leased land and a 720-acre parcel they purchased a year ago in the Patterson area.

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Changing Face of Agriculture

Changing Face of Agriculture

Becky Mills

When science becomes reality and not just a theoretical exercise, it changes the future. That change is already well under way for 19-year-old Macy Alexander, who today is hyperfocused on agricultural sciences.

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Comparing weaning dates for fall calving cows

Comparing weaning dates for fall calving cows

Glenn Selk


Producers with fall-calving herds have traditionally weaned the calves at 9 to 10 months of age. When forage growth is limited due to drought, questions arise about the feasibility of weaning the calves at an earlier date. The effect on the cow as well as weaning weight of the calf must be considered when the impact of the weaning date is considered.

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Arkansas Cattle Deaths Blamed on Swarms of Black Flies

Arkansas Cattle Deaths Blamed on Swarms of Black Flies


Swarms of black flies are impacting livestock farmers in Arkansas this spring, reports University of Arkansas Extension. The population explosion is to blame for the deaths of a bull and cow in Arkansas County and the closure of a nature center.

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Sainfoin can help prevent cattle bloat

Sainfoin can help prevent cattle bloat

Diego Flammini


“Sainfoin has condensed tannins and therefore prevents bloating in cattle,” Acharya said. “The tannins bind to the protein in the animal’s stomach and makes (the protein) unavailable for digestion until it reaches the lower intestine.”

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