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BeefTalk: Evaluate Hay Inventory and Cow Condition

BeefTalk: Evaluate Hay Inventory and Cow Condition

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Good cow body condition is the precursor for a successful calving and rebreeding season. This year’s discussion actually started prior to bull turnout last year. Maintaining good cow condition is an ongoing, year-round discussion requiring input based on yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Considering feed-through fly control this year?

Considering feed-through fly control this year?

Dr. Jason Smith

University of Tennessee

Feed-through fly control has without doubt become one of the most popular types of feed additives utilized in pasture-based beef production systems. As a result, many floor-stocked free-choice mineral supplements and other feed products containing one of these technologies will soon become available for the upcoming grazing season.

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Helping Calves Survive This Stressful Season

Helping Calves Survive This Stressful Season

Taylor Grussing


In the Upper Midwest, spring calving can prove challenging with unpredictable weather bringing frigid temperatures and mud. Therefore, as beef producers do their best to tend to newborn calves and help get them off on the right hoof, sometimes plans don’t go right and a backup plan is needed. Here’s some tips to navigate calf health products that might be handy this calving season.

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Angus Journal Restructures, Seeks New Editor

Angus Journal Restructures, Seeks New Editor

This year already has brought many exciting changes to the Angus Journal®, the most significant being the magazine redesign that debuted with the January edition, and the changes don’t stop there. The Angus Media editorial team is being restructured to allow for more focused attention on continuing the innovation started with the Angus Journal’s redesign and plans for continued development of other properties.

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Beware of Mineral Deficiencies During Winter Months

Beware of Mineral Deficiencies During Winter Months

Heather Walz, DVM PhD, Sandy Mann BS, Chasity Pugh BS

Cattle Today

Winter months remind us of possible nutritional concerns cattle can face. There are several nutrients that may become deficient in cattle diets, however this first in a series highlighting some more common mineral deficiencies and toxicities seen in Alabama cows will cover selenium associated problems.

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Capturing Value in Cropping Systems Using Cattle

Capturing Value in Cropping Systems Using Cattle

Kristen Ulmer

University of Nebraska

Nebraska Extension has developed a unique learning and networking opportunity for cattle operators and cropping individuals. The day will feature UNL graduate students, research and extension personnel working on the projects, as well as, first-hand insight from producers utilizing cover crops as forages in their cropping rotation in eastern Nebraska.

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Tariffs and Beef Trade

Tariffs and Beef Trade

Josh Maples

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Wherever you get your news, you likely couldn’t avoid hearing a particular T word last week: tariffs. On the heels of the announcement that the U.S. will impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports, many prognosticators were taking sides on the impact the tariffs would have on businesses and consumers.

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The cost of grazing corn stover and winter cover crops

The cost of grazing corn stover and winter cover crops

Todd R. Higgins and Jason Bergtold

Progressive Forage

Grazing corn stover has long been used to supplement winter grazing for cattle in many parts of the country. With the recent resurgence of cover crops being sown on crop fields with corn stover, the idea of grazing a cover crop has been considered by producers and researchers alike, especially for economic reasons.

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Bull Sale Homework Requirements

Bull Sale Homework Requirements

Taylor Grussing


Selecting new herd sires is an annual process for beef producers. But before attending any bull sales, taking the time to read through catalogs and identify which selection criteria is of most and least importance for the next herd sire to have possess. The ultimate sire selection goal is to select a sire that will enhance the current cowherd in terms of reproductive success and performance benchmarks.

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Early Spring Nutritional Challenges of Spring-calving Cows

Early Spring Nutritional Challenges of Spring-calving Cows

Glenn Selk

Bovine Veterinarian

Late winter and early spring is the most challenging time of the year for the nutrition of the spring-calving beef cows. Unless cool season grasses are available, this is a season where maintaining or gaining body condition on spring calving cows is really quite difficult. Warm season grasses have not yet begun to grow.

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