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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 items you probably won’t find in town folks’ homes

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 items you probably won’t find in town folks’ homes


  1. Sick calf fecal samples more-or-less safely zip-locked in the refrigerator.

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Preventive product now available for three primary scours-causing pathogens

Preventive product now available for three primary scours-causing pathogens


Farm & Ranch Guide

A first of its it kind, USDA-approved, scours preventative is now available for newborn calves. It is effective for all three primary scours-causing pathogens in newborn calves – rotavirus, coronavirus and K99 plus E. coli.

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Fly Management, Not Control, the Goal

Fly Management, Not Control, the Goal

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

There is no simple, one-trick fix when it comes to fly control. In fact, it’s better to think in terms of fly management and IPM rather than control. IPM, or integrated pest management, is key because it allows producers to manage around resistance.

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Winter Frost-Seeding For Better Summer Pastures

Winter Frost-Seeding For Better Summer Pastures

On Pasture

Genevieve Slocum

Frost-seeding is one form of over-seeding, in which you can use legumes to economically and quickly thicken a pasture or a perennial hayfield in late winter. Though no-till drilling has more guarantee of success, frost seeding is an easy operation while you have time in the off season, and if managed correctly and timed properly, has good likelihood of success.

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How a business plan helps get ‘cash flow rolling’

How a business plan helps get ‘cash flow rolling’

Canadian Cattleman

A written business plan is key to the long-term success of any business, especially a new venture. “Putting the plan to paper will show you how much startup cash you’ll need in order to generate income,” said new venture specialist Jan Warren. “If you don’t know the startup costs of your venture, you can easily get yourself into financial trouble.”

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Minimize hay waste feeding on fields

Minimize hay waste feeding on fields

Frank Wardynski

Michigan State University

Feeding hay to cows on pasture and hay fields during the winter months is gaining popularity as opposed to more traditional confinement feeding. Feeding on fields has several benefits that include reduced machinery and labor of feeding and hauling manure and targeted nutrient distribution. If care is not taken to minimize excessive hay waste, the cost of feeding on fields can outweigh the benefits.

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Cattle are their passion

Cattle are their passion

Rod Swoboda

Wallaces Farmer

A Master Farmer assumes a leadership role in agriculture, citizenship and family values. Farming near Albion in Marshall County, Jeff and Christy Hibbs truly represent those standards.

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Cattle Respond to Low-Stress Handling

Cattle Respond to Low-Stress Handling

John Maday


While it seems intuitive that gentle handling will lead to calmer cattle, we need objective measurements to evaluate progress, especially among cattle that naturally are nervous during initial processing at a new facility. The assessment of temperament particularly comes into play in selecting replacement heifers.

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Profitable Beef Herds Can Be Grown From Ground Up

Profitable Beef Herds Can Be Grown From Ground Up

Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade

Lancaster Farming

Successful beef farming is all about matching genetics and production methods. Scott Barao, a former University of Maryland Extension beef cattle specialist, described his strategies on Feb. 28 at the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Conference. Barao manages Hedgeapple Farm for the Jorgenson Family Foundation in Buckeystown, Maryland. With more than 300 acres in permanent forage — mostly alfalfa — the farm finishes a herd of 120 Angus on the pasture, supplemented with baleage in the winter.

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The Tragedy of Cattle Kate

The Tragedy of Cattle Kate

Eliza McGraw


Newspapers reported that cowgirl Ella Watson was a no-good thief who deserved the vigilante killing that befell her, when in reality she was anything but

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