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Baxter Black, DVM: LORRAINE

Baxter Black, DVM:  LORRAINE

To supplement farm income, some get their wives jobs in town. Others expand their hobbies, i.e. making saddles, braiding horsehair or running for county commissioner. Some, in desperation, get a real estate license!

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Premature Problems

Premature Problems

Dr. Ken McMillan


The biggest problems you may face going forward would most likely be respiratory disease or scours. Both are tied to a compromised immune system. If she was premature, her immune system just may not be ready for prime time yet.

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Do Some Selection Tools Result in Unintended Consequences?

Do Some Selection Tools Result in Unintended Consequences?

Justin Sexten, Ph.D.

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

You hear more about mature cow size and growth potential of calves, now that profit ebbs and flows with the cycle. We’ve written about mature size, but not much about how to use the relevant tools to change it. So now, let’s examine the strategies and tools available, and the unintended consequences of ignoring them.

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Enhance Pregnancies this Breeding Season

Enhance Pregnancies this Breeding Season

Bovine Veterinarian

The goal behind a successful breeding season is simple—attain the most pregnancies possible over a specific period of time. For most beef producers, that means aiming for 95 percent or more of cows in calf by the end of 60 – 75-days. Doing so leads to a tighter calving window and a more uniform calf crop at weaning.

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How to do EPD accurate sire selection

How to do EPD accurate sire selection

Dennis Fennewald

Beef Producer

Sire selection for many producers seems fairly simple. Pick a bull that has an acceptable disposition and a low actual birth weight, will settle cycling cows in a short period (less than 45 days), is relatively “pretty,” and can be purchased as cheaply as possible.

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Good Economy & Demand Benefit Beef Market

Good Economy & Demand Benefit Beef Market

Noel Oliver

Lancaster Farming

Jason Carter, executive director of the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, is bullish about the beef market. “My message is: Supply is up, but demand is up. People feel good about the money they spend on our beef, and people around the world want our beef.”

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A silver anniversary marked by change

A silver anniversary marked by change

Dr. Richard Raymond


But the past is behind us, and I want to take a few minutes on this unhappy anniversary to make note of the changes that came about in the world of food safety as a result of it. Lives were lost but because of the losses many more lives have subsequently been lived happily and disease free, at least free of diseases spread by contaminated food.

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