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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farm and ranch rarities

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farm and ranch rarities


  1. A sterile barn cat.

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Be Careful When Disposing of Taxus Shrub Trimmings

Be Careful When Disposing of Taxus Shrub Trimmings

Diane Gerken, DVM

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Since the season for yard work and clean-up is fast approaching, please remind the public that Taxus shrub trimmings should be disposed of properly. Trimmings should never be disposed of in the pasture or areas where large animals may be exposed to them. The trimmings are so dangerous to animals when ingested that it only takes about 1-2 mouthfuls to cause death, sometimes in as short of time as 10-60 minutes.

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Effects of horns on cattle bruising

Effects of horns on cattle bruising

Southern Livestock Standard

A sample was evaluated of 4,287 finished cattle in 27 lots slaughtered at one facility. Of all cattle, 7.7% had horns. Across lots this ranged from 0 to 26.5%. If present, horns were measured for length of longest horn and for distance between horn tips.

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Water Tank Management May Reduce Contaminant

Water Tank Management May Reduce Contaminant

Victoria G Myers

Progressive Farmer

Ecoli 0157:H7 has been a major area of concern in the food industry for years, and for good reason. Every year more than 63,000 illnesses and 20 deaths are attributed to exposure to the toxin-producing pathogen. It can come from a variety of foods, including beef, raw milk and juice, soft cheeses made from raw milk and raw fruits and vegetables.

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Solving Roadblocks to Supplementing Minerals on the Ranch

Solving Roadblocks to Supplementing Minerals on the Ranch

John Marble

On Pasture

I recently sat in on a roundtable discussion about using mineral supplements on ranches that are practicing managed grazing. It turned out that even though it is well known that our region suffers from some serious soil deficiencies, most of the people in the group had extremely modest mineral programs. The reasons folks gave for not using mineral supplement were all over the map, but most were what I’d call technical, rather than nutritional.

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You don’t need to play Go Fish when comparing bulls.

You don’t need to play Go Fish when comparing bulls.

Ginette Gottswiller

Ever play Go Fish? It is a pretty simple card game and doesn’t take long to figure out. You just need four of a kind and you’ve got some points on the board. Trying to compare different bull breeds doesn’t take long to figure out either, but first you need to be using the same deck of cards. Is a heart the same as a diamond just because they are red? How do you compare different bull breeds when using expected progeny differences (EPDs)?

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Iowa beef checkoff yields $680K in first seven months

Iowa beef checkoff yields $680K in first seven months

Erin Jordan

The Gazette

A new 50-cents-a-head state beef checkoff brought in just over $680,000 in the first seven months to be used for increased online beef promotion, livestock production research and support of livestock groups, the Iowa Beef Industry Council reported.

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A year later, ranchers are healing after Kansas’ largest wildfire 

A year later, ranchers are healing after Kansas’ largest wildfire

Amy Bickel

High Plains Journal

On the morning of March 6, 2017, rancher Bernie Smith was in a hurry. Smith and one of his sons were moving cattle from one wheat pasture to another along the Kansas-Oklahoma border. But the spring chore was happening on one of those days that keeps Smith, also the Englewood, Kansas, fire chief, on alert. The sprawling prairie hadn’t received moisture since an ice storm in January. The grass was dry. Wind gusts of up to 60 mph were expected along with 80-degree Fahrenheit temperatures—nearly 25 degrees above normal.

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It’s past time for beef industry traceability

It’s past time for beef industry traceability

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

“Already, major industry players such as Walmart and McDonald’s have committed to developing holistic sustainability programs that include food traceability as a key component. The ‘farm-to-fork’ mentality is not a phenomenon; it is increasingly being defined as an objective, with actual components already implemented by stakeholders along the value chain.”

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Eastern livestock producers to learn how to renovate tall fescue pastures

Eastern livestock producers to learn how to renovate tall fescue pastures

On the Farm Radio

Most livestock producers probably wouldn’t give their animals LSD, but herds grazing on pastures of tall fescue may be consuming compounds similar to those found in the hallucinogenic drug.

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