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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs of spring

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs of spring


  1. Your wife’s warning about the farm equipment parked on top of her daffodils reaches the point of some pretty ugly threats.

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Shortage of Feed-grade Vitamins

Shortage of Feed-grade Vitamins

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin

What does a shortage of a substance used in perfumery have to do with the price of livestock feed supplements? Well, it’s because the lemony-scented citral used in aroma and fragrance products also is important to the manufacture of feed-grade vitamins A and E.

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Labels That Count

Labels That Count

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery. But Mexico’s proposed new beef-grading system so closely resembles the USDA’s program, it may actually hurt U.S. cattle producers. The new Mexican grading system, announced late last year, would be mandatory. It would include both Spanish and English grade names, with the English grade names being the same as those used by the USDA.

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Accounting the value of heat adaptation for cattle

Accounting the value of heat adaptation for cattle

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

When Steven Lukefahr began improving his beef cattle operation by the combination of grazing management and adapted genetics, he needed a way to measure the successes. So he set about using modern science on estimates for hybrid vigor from the breed crosses he chose, including across-breed EPDs.

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‘Take your bull to the vet’ month celebrated in March

‘Take your bull to the vet’ month celebrated in March

David Burton

High Plains Journal

Many organizations claim a day, week or month to promote their industry. Recognizable examples include May as Beef Month, June as Dairy Month and October as Agriculture Month. According to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension, it is time to designate March as “Take your bull to the vet” month.

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Fourteen Months Into the Veterinary Feed Directive- Cattle Producers Are Working Well With Their Vets

Fourteen Months Into the Veterinary Feed Directive- Cattle Producers Are Working Well With Their Vets

Oklahoma Farm Report

Just a little over a year ago, the US livestock industry begin following the VFD- the Veterinary Feed Directive as developed by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Mike Apley with Kansas State University talked with Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Director of Farm Programming Ron Hays about how the beef industry is doing in lining up its drug use practices with the VFD- and where FDA may be going next in overseeing antibiotics for animals.

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A few new and old tools for managing calf health

A few new and old tools for managing calf health

Larry Lee

Brownfield Network

Dr. Mike Nichols from Zoetis tells Brownfield there are developments in calf vaccination to watch for, and one that’s been around for about a decade but is not commonly used.  He also talks about the time-tested method of vaccinating calves that some have forgotten about.

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States address COOL for beef: Wyoming committee passes bill, Oklahoma to consider one

States address COOL for beef: Wyoming committee passes bill, Oklahoma to consider one

Carrie Stadheim

Tri State Livestock News

“Currently any beef processed in the United States is considered U.S. beef even if it was grown in Brazil or Mexico or Canada or another country. We hold our beef producers to a higher standard, and for them to compete with these other countries’ beef that is being called U.S. beef isn’t fair marketing.” Carl Newton, Oklahoma legislator

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Eye for Improvement

Eye for Improvement

Dan Miller

Progressive Farmer

In far southwest Virginia on the Tennessee line is Washington County. Its steep hills and valleys support a thousand cattle operations — most are small, averaging 50 head. Most have owners with a full-time job other than agriculture. Most do not earn top dollar for their investment and effort.

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BQA: Building A Herd Health Program

BQA: Building A Herd Health Program

Rob Eirich


Cattlemen have demonstrated a commitment to the integrity of today’s beef products by implementing sound cattle management practices. Consumers are looking for beef raised in a healthy and safe environment. An appropriate Herd Health Program ensures that all cattle are raised in the best health.

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