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Farmers have feelings, too

Farmers have feelings, too

Erica Quinlan


As a comedian, Damian Mason describes himself as a professional observer. As a farmer, he is familiar with the challenges facing agriculture at large, especially the debate about the safety of genetically modified foods. Through these combined lenses he explained how he sees the industry at the Agribusiness Council of Indiana Conference.

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Alfalfa Loss? Annual Ryegrass is a Win

Alfalfa Loss? Annual Ryegrass is a Win

Adityarup “Rup” Chakravorty

Angus Beef Bulletin

“Planting annual forage crops into terminated alfalfa is an economically viable strategy in response to alfalfa winterkill,” explains M. Scott Wells. Wells is an extension specialist at the University of Minnesota.

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Wet Conditions Increase Cow Feed Needs

Wet Conditions Increase Cow Feed Needs

Sara Brown


Challenges of winter weather is not just for the northern tier of the country, says Amy Radunz, University of Wisconsin beef Extension specialist. “Cattle can often handle frigid temperatures, as long as they remain dry.”

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How to cull the right cow without keeping records

How to cull the right cow without keeping records

Burke Teichert

Beef Magazine

In nearly every talk I give, I challenge the audience to cull the right cow. That requires the development of a systems mindset and some good discipline. We are often told to keep individual records on each cow and calf. I want to contradict that and tell you that it is a waste of time.

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Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming, Whether You Like It or Not

Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming, Whether You Like It or Not

Matt Simon


Scientists have been culturing meat in labs for years, but Just and other startups like Finless Foods, which is growing fish meat, have been feverishly pursuing this so-called “clean meat” of late. Just is chasing a cultured chorizo and a cultured nugget in addition to the foie gras. And Tetrick claims his startup has finally made the process cost-effective enough to take to market: At the end of this year, he says, Just will officially introduce an as yet undisclosed lab-grown meat, the first time the stuff will hit shelves.

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Look at technology use in beef cattle production

Look at technology use in beef cattle production


Victoria Advocate

I know I sound a familiar note when I say it seems like every day there is a new technology introduced for use in the beef industry. Sometimes it is just an “app” for your phone or a new delivery system for horn fly control. I always wonder what the adoption rate is for those as well as some older technology.

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Pregnancy Analytics Mobile App

Pregnancy Analytics Mobile App

Kansas State University

Pregnancy Analytics allows you to input pregnancy diagnosis information chute-side with ease. Designed to fit the needs of veterinarians and producers alike, inputting records has never been more straightforward.

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