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Setting up the newborn calf for success

Setting up the newborn calf for success

Karla Jenkins and Brian Vander Ley

Progressive Cattleman

The health and well-being of the nursing calf starts with the health and nutritional status of the cow prior to the birth of the calf. Nutrient needs of the cow increase during the last trimester of gestation and, by the last month prior to calving, the fetus is gaining approximately 1 pound per day.

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U.S. beef, pork exports break records

U.S. beef, pork exports break records

Carol Ryan

Capital Press

Japan led the way for U.S. beef exports in 2017 in both volume and value and was the high-value market for U.S. pork exports, while Mexico was the highest volume importer of U.S. pork.

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Beef Comes From Cows, Not Plants or Labs, Cattle Group Argues

Beef Comes From Cows, Not Plants or Labs, Cattle Group Argues

Megan Durisin


A cattle group wants the government to weigh in on just what can be called a burger. The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, a group that represents livestock producers, filed a petition this month asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to prevent food not made from slaughtered animals from being labeled as “beef” or “meat.”

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