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Three tricks help hire the best millennial workers

Three tricks help hire the best millennial workers

Alan Newport

Beef Magazine

Ultimately, responsibility is a key trait you are seeking from anyone you hire, Tyler says. Unfortunately it is difficult to discern responsibility in an interview. If it were legal, you might ask, “Do you live with your parents? Are you married and for how long? Do you have a mortgage?”

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Producers losing cattle margin due to high hay price

Producers losing cattle margin due to high hay price

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Kennedy farms and feeds cattle with his wife, Emily, and brother, Mitch, near here in Cass County, Iowa. When the weather turns cold, cattle are burning the calories to put on weight and maintain body temperature. Thankfully, corn and corn co-products are cheap and easy to find, Kennedy said. The family farms about 1,300 acres, growing corn, beans and hay, and use all the farm-grown corn in the feedlot they own and the two they lease.

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Make sure your cattle fit the environment you have

Make sure your cattle fit the environment you have


Farm & Ranch Guide

“It is an exciting time to be involved in the cattle industry. We are going to have more tools available and I think the industry is swinging back to more moderate-sized cattle,” said David Lalman, Oklahoma State University Extension beef cattle specialist, keynote speaker at the World Cattlemen’s Cow Efficiency Congress in Dickinson, N.D. “But your cattle must fit your environment.”

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Severity of winter and the impact on calf birth weights

Severity of winter and the impact on calf birth weights

Glenn Selk


Does the severity (coldness or mildness) of the winter have an impact on spring-born calf birth weights? Ranchers have asked that question during many springs and veterinarians have speculated for years. The debate rages on!

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Fraudsters vs. farmers: Know when it’s a scam

Fraudsters vs. farmers: Know when it’s a scam

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Forage

The phone dings. It’s a text message from a strange number inquiring about your hay for sale. Hesitant and a bit perplexed, you respond. After a few messages back and forth, your gut tells you something’s not quite right – it’s a scam. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon in today’s tech-savvy world.

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A Cow’s Teeth Tell Her Age, and Can Help With Culling Decisions

A Cow’s Teeth Tell Her Age, and Can Help With Culling Decisions

Robert Wells

On Pasture

In order to maintain condition in a pasture setting without copious amounts of supplemental feed, a cow must have a full set of teeth that have not been worn down too much. Using dentition, or the condition and wear, of the cow’s teeth can be a useful tool to determine if the cow should stay in the herd for another year.

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Challenges of Getting A Lepto Diagnosis

Challenges of Getting A Lepto Diagnosis

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Less than half of abortions occurring in beef herds receive a diagnosis, either because producers don’t submit samples or the sampling and handling methods were inappropriate, says W. Mark Hilton, DVM, technical consultant with Elanco technical services.

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What’s the real driver behind strong beef demand?

What’s the real driver behind strong beef demand?

Ag News Feed

A year ago, says David Williams, you could have done 100 surveys on what people thought would be the cattle market drivers in 2017, and nobody would have picked the right answer. Sure, robust domestic demand and a strong export market were the reasons that cattle prices last year caught everyone by surprise. But dig a little deeper, Williams told the crowd at the Learning Lounge on the trade show floor during the Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix, and the underlying strength of that demand will surprise you.

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Stretching a short hay supply

Stretching a short hay supply

Duane Dailey

High Plains Journal

As winter feeding season continues with a forecast of Arctic weather, owners face dwindling hay supplies. Eric Bailey, University of Missouri beef nutritionist, gives the short answer: “Feed less, need less. In practice, that takes management decisions and exacting math.

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Fueling up cows for cold weather and calving

Fueling up cows for cold weather and calving

Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattleman

It takes a North American prairie cold snap, those first two to three weeks of real winter when outside temperatures plummet where Fahrenheit and Centigrade meet below zero, for beef specialists to dust off and publish articles on managing cows through cold — the -40 C kind. They all make valid points; gentle reminders for beef producers that cold can be inhumane and a serious impediment to production.

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