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American Hereford Association Moves to New Location

American Hereford Association Moves to New Location

“This is an exciting move for our members,” said AHA President Kevin Schultz, Haviland, Kan. “Our new headquarters will be more accessible for Hereford breeders. We are looking forward to our members stopping in to visit with staff and conduct business. I think they’ll enjoy its location near the interstate and improved parking. The new headquarters will also offer the flexibility needed to serve our growing membership.”

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Setting up the newborn calf for success

Setting up the newborn calf for success

Karla Jenkins and Brian Vander Ley

Progressive Cattleman

The majority of the income a cow-calf producer receives comes from selling a calf crop. Therefore, setting up the newborn calf for success becomes critically important to the profitability of the operation.

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The Farm Bill and the needs of the beef cattle industry

The Farm Bill and the needs of the beef cattle industry

Ag Daily

When talks of the Farm Bill begin, many aren’t aware of the impact the programs implemented through the bill will have on the livestock industry, specifically, beef cattle. During the National Cattlemen’s Beef Convention and Trade Show at the end of January, multiple sessions were spent on policy and priorities of the upcoming Agricultural Act, giving insight to members on what they should expect to see coming from NCBA in Washington, D.C. NCBA opposes inclusion of a “Livestock title,” preferring to keep programs under the,” Miscellaneous title,” in an effort to keep overreaching government regulation out of the industry and prevent detrimental programs, such as COOL and the GIPSA rule, from being implemented.

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Diminishing Farm Returns: Now What?

Diminishing Farm Returns: Now What?

Jeri Green


In conjunction with the Kansas State Ag Economics department last year, the Wildcat Extension District hosted a meeting that focused on 10 considerations to make during a struggling farm economy. Unfortunately, there is not an expected surge in the farm economy for the next growing season, so many of the struggles from last year are still pertinent for 2018.

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Consider Clover Options When Frost-Seeding

Consider Clover Options When Frost-Seeding

Joy Beam

Lancaster Farming

The cold mornings in February provide an opportunity to frost-seed pastures with clover for more productive forages this spring. Besides fixing 40 to 120 pounds of nitrogen for the year, these legumes boost livestock performance by improving the palatability of forages, which leads to an increase in the quantity and quality of forage consumed.

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Farm legislation isn’t good for Virginia cattle producers

Farm legislation isn’t good for Virginia cattle producers

John Boyd

Richmond Times Dispatch

On its face, the new bill pending before the Virginia legislature to change the name of the Virginia Beef Industry Council to the Cattle Industry Board, and raise the per-cow assessment from 25 cents per head to a dollar per head, seems harmless enough. But the devil, as they say, is in the details.

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Scours happens: 5 tips to help control scours in your herd

Scours happens: 5 tips to help control scours in your herd

Shelby Roberts

Progressive Cattleman

Scours, also known as calf diarrhea, is the result of inflammation in the intestinal tract. The USDA reports that 61 percent of calfhood sickness is due to scours. Severe cases of scours can affect animal growth and impact overall performance and profitability.

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Judge: Whatever flaws there may be with Brand Act, it doesn’t violate federal law

Judge: Whatever flaws there may be with Brand Act, it doesn’t violate federal law

Lori Pilger

Lincoln Journal Star

A federal judge has found the Nebraska Livestock Brand Act constitutional and dismissed a lawsuit brought by a group of feedlot operators seeking to prevent the state from enforcing it. “Whatever flaws there might be with the Brand Act, it does not violate federal law,” U.S. District Judge John Gerrard wrote.

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Hunts built own strong reputation for high-quality Limousin cattle, customer service

Hunts built own strong reputation for high-quality Limousin cattle, customer service


Kearney Hub

The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic foundation was laid 27 years ago by seedstock producers and Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee members who saw the need to spotlight Nebraska’s outstanding beef genetics. The “construction” crew included Charles Hunt of Oxford.

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2018 Cattlemen’s beef board officers named

2018 Cattlemen’s beef board officers named

High Plains Journal

Cattle producers Joan Ruskamp of Dodge, Nebraska, Chuck Coffey of Springer, Oklahoma, and Jared Brackett of Filer, Idaho, are the new leadership team for the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board, elected unanimously by fellow Beef Board members during the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix. Ruskamp will serve as chairman, Coffey will serve as vice chairman and Brackett as secretary/treasurer to lead the national Beef Checkoff Program for the coming year.

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