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BeefTalk: Bull Selection for Moderate Growth?

BeefTalk: Bull Selection for Moderate Growth?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist NDSU Extension Service

I did some pondering as I traveled to and from recent commercial bull-selection workshops. The travel time offered some time to ruminate on current news regarding the management of growth in the beef industry and related beef carcass size. Once home, dangling thoughts remain. Bull-buying season is a great opportunity for beef producers to steer carcass size through sire selection, and as long as a producer is at the steering wheel, that is what one should do.

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Cattle Calculator Helps You Schedule Reproduction, Track Performance and MORE!

Cattle Calculator Helps You Schedule Reproduction, Track Performance and MORE!

Austin Miles

On Pasture

In livestock production, we live with the consequences of yesterdays decisions today, sometimes from choices made months if not years in the past. This simple truth supports the philosophy that diligent time management and planning yield the best result(s). As I write this article, I can hear my dad’s voice championing a “5 P’s”: prior planning prevents poor performance.

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New WOTUS Lawsuit Filed

New WOTUS Lawsuit Filed

Northern Ag

Attorneys general of 10 states and the District of Columbia sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday, alleging the agency’s final rule suspending the 2015 waters of the United States, or WOTUS, rule is unlawful.

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Changes to National Cattle Evaluation will benefit bull buyers in 2018

Changes to National Cattle Evaluation will benefit bull buyers in 2018

Matt Spangler

The Fence Post

The majority of beef breed associations have made (or are currently making) substantial changes to their National Cattle Evaluation. These changes ultimately benefit commercial bull buyers by providing improved Expected Progeny Differences and improved economic selection indices. This brief article is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the changes to NCE by breed organization, but rather to highlight changes in general and the benefits these changes created.

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Wyoming rancher tells Congress: “Let us loose!”

Wyoming rancher tells Congress: “Let us loose!”

Ag Daily

A third-generation rancher and industry leader in environmental stewardship has asked Congress to empower ranchers and local land managers by reducing the regulatory burdens they face. Today Niels Hansen, Secretary/Treasurer of the Public Lands Council and a member of NCBA, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to explain how onerous federal regulations undermine conservation goals.

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Understand selection data to find the right beef animals

Understand selection data to find the right beef animals

Jennifer Carrico

High Plains Journal

University of California-Davis Extension beef specialist Alison Van Eanennaam said performance, progeny and pedigree are all taken into account when Expected Progeny Differences are calculated for each breed. That leads to greater accuracy and better decisions for buyers. “The way we calculate EPDs now is 5 to 10 times more accurate than selection based upon index performance and ratios,” Van Eanennaam said.

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What’s the driver behind strong beef demand? It might surprise you

What’s the driver behind strong beef demand? It might surprise you


Sure, robust domestic demand and a strong export market were the reasons that cattle prices last year caught everyone by surprise. But dig a little deeper, Williams told the crowd at the Learning Lounge on the trade show floor during the Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix, and the underlying strength of that demand will surprise you.

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CattleFax: Margins are tight, but cattle outlook strong in 2018

CattleFax: Margins are tight, but cattle outlook strong in 2018

Farm and Dairy

CattleFax Senior Analyst Kevin Good highlighted the industry’s profitability during 2017 and said the trend looks to continue into 2018. CattleFax analysts told the audience U.S beef cow inventory increased 2.8 million head in four years, and an additional 200,000-400,000 head are expected to be added to the herd over the next few years.

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The Farm Bill and the needs of the beef cattle industry

The Farm Bill and the needs of the beef cattle industry

Markie Hageman

Ag Daily

When talks of the Farm Bill begin, many aren’t aware of the impact the programs implemented through the bill will have on the livestock industry, specifically, beef cattle. During the National Cattlemen’s Beef Convention and Trade Show at the end of January, multiple sessions were spent on policy and priorities of the upcoming Agricultural Act, giving insight to members on what they should expect to see coming from NCBA in Washington, D.C.

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Getting it right from the start

Getting it right from the start

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

Research from the past several decades shows that body condition and nutrition of the mother can make a difference in traits exhibited by the developing fetus. Studies at several universities have explored this phenomenon in beef cattle, showing that what a pregnant cow eats — or more importantly, doesn’t eat — during various stages of gestation can have long-lasting effects on her calf’s future.

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