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Baxter Black, DVM: Pig Tales

Baxter Black, DVM:  Pig Tales

Pigs are funny. Nobody would argue about that. There are people that collect them. Pictures of them, memorabilia, statuettes, door stops, curtains, pig clocks, wallpaper, pig tails, piggy banks, pigweed, pick stickers, piglets, pig-eyed piebalds and pygmies. In the homes of a pig collector you are surrounded by pig knick knacks.

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Even with Growing Competition, CattleFax CEO Randy Blach Says Consumers Willing to Pay for Beef

Even with Growing Competition, CattleFax CEO Randy Blach Says Consumers Willing to Pay for Beef

Oklahoma Farm Report

During this past year, a total of 98.5 billion pounds of protein was produced by the US poultry, pork and beef industries. This year, that number is projected to increase up to 102.2 billion pounds and will continue to grow the following year to projected 104 billion pounds.

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A Little Background May Help

A Little Background May Help

Justin Sexten

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Let’s say you weaned calves last fall but didn’t sell. Instead, you helped them cross the bridge to independent life in your dry lot pen and maybe on to a grazing program. Chances are, those “backgrounded” calves have moved on to a finishing yard or the next phase of heifer development.

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K-State’s Barry Flinchbaugh evaluates the Trump administration

K-State’s Barry Flinchbaugh evaluates the Trump administration

Raney Rapp


Candor and logic are atypical currency in an age of misinformation. However, Kansas State University professor emeritus Barry Flinchbaugh tackled tough topics facing farmers today with common sense and a little bit of humor. During the annual Kansas Commodity Classic in Manhattan, growers of all crops joined together to hear Flinchbaugh’s take on bipartisan cooperation and the preservation of the “old American way” in Washington.

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Dave Steinbecker Jr. is the 2017 BEEF Stocker Award Winner

Dave Steinbecker Jr. is the 2017 BEEF Stocker Award Winner

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

If you told Dave Steinbecker Jr. — this year’s winner of the National Stocker Award sponsored by BEEF and Zoetis — that tomorrow was his last day on this earth, he’d show up about 6 a.m., as usual, and spend the day like he does every other one: growing and trading cattle.

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Make Sure Vaccines are Stored and Handled Properly

Make Sure Vaccines are Stored and Handled Properly

Taylor Gwynn, Soren Rodning

Cattle Today

A herd vaccination program is only as good as the techniques used in each step of vaccine storage, handling, and administration. According to the USDA National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS), about 70 percent of beef operations administer vaccines to cows and calves at least once a year.

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Kent Limousin – Continuing Strong to a Third Generation

Kent Limousin – Continuing Strong to a Third Generation

Linda Anderson

Kittson County Enterprise

Kent Limousin, located just three and one-half miles south of the Canadian border near Lancaster, Minn., looks to continue a successful operation as third generation granddaughter Danika Kent takes over the operation. “She’s the boss,” said her grandfather Ron Hanson who, at age 84, is very happy that his granddaughter is home to take on much of the farm responsibilities. He said he’ll help out the first year and then would like to do some traveling.

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