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Use a Calf Puller Properly

Use a Calf Puller Properly

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin

When a calf needs help to be born, these tips will ease the process for cow, calf and humans. Most calves can be pulled by hand after correcting any abnormality of position, but occasionally a mechanical calf puller is needed. It is important to first determine whether the calf can be safely pulled, or if it should be delivered by C-section.

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Energy Requirements for Herd Change Throughout the Year

Energy Requirements for Herd Change Throughout the Year

Kim Mullenix, Ph.D.

Cattle Today

Cow energy requirements change throughout the year. With the start of a new year it is important to remember that the nutritional needs of the cow herd is a dynamic situation that operates as a yearly production cycle.

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Polled Bulls

Polled Bulls

Dr. Ken McMillan


Scurs are small, hornlike growths that develop at the same site as horns and can range from a “thumbnail” patch to several inches long. They are usually not attached to the skull. Horns and scurs have separate but related inheritance.

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Calving Book Technology: There’s an app for that

Calving Book Technology: There’s an app for that

Taylor Grussing


In today’s day and age, we rarely go anywhere without some kind of technology in our pocket or vehicle. Even in the livestock industry, there is an app for many of the tasks we conduct each day that can make our lives easier if we take the time to learn how to use them. From keeping track of markets, banking, and now even calving records, there’s an app for that too.

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HSUS leader Wayne Pacelle resigns, ag says ‘good riddance’

HSUS leader Wayne Pacelle resigns, ag says ‘good riddance’

Missouri Ruralist

Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle resigned Friday amid sexual misconduct allegations. The allegations were first reported in the Washington Post and at first it looked like Pacelle would keep his job. But after donors began crying foul, Pacelle turned in his resignation.

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Study: ID and traceability need to be addressed

Study: ID and traceability need to be addressed

Tom Steever

Brownfield Network

A new study shows cattlemen will benefit by adopting animal identification and traceability systems.  Study author David Gregg with World Perspectives tells Brownfield the study shows changing attitudes about animal ID and traceability.  He says other countries have mandated systems resulting from catastrophic disease events, but he says the U.S. has the opportunity to implement systems in a more proactive fashion.

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CattleFax: 2017 Ranks Second Most Profitable Year for Beef Producers

CattleFax: 2017 Ranks Second Most Profitable Year for Beef Producers

Betsy Jibben


CattleFax released its annual outlook at the Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) trade show. The report showed exports are expected to account for 20 percent of fed cattle value at %343 per head in 2018. Also, U.S. beef cow inventory increased 2.8 million head in four years and an additional 200,000 – 400,000 head are expected to be added to the herd over the next few years.

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