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Preventive product now available for three primary scours-causing pathogens

Preventive product now available for three primary scours-causing pathogens


Farm & Ranch Guide

A first of its it kind, USDA-approved, scours preventative is now available for newborn calves. It is effective for all three primary scours-causing pathogens in newborn calves – rotavirus, coronavirus and K99 plus E. coli.

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Generic Dewormers

Generic Dewormers

Dr. Ken McMillan


Generic toilet paper contains the same ingredients as the name brands, but some generic TP is only good for light sanding and not much else. Drugs are obviously much more regulated than toilet paper, but the idea is the same.

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Simple spring forage solutions

Simple spring forage solutions

Raney Rapp


One cause of failure to completely control pasture weeds is the narrow application window of products like 2,4-D, Pugh said. Spraying dormant weeds could negate some of the timing issues of typical applications and avoid drift situations by applying herbicides before sensitive crops are planted.

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Bill proposes blocking access to private waterways

Bill proposes blocking access to private waterways



Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature want to change state law to ensure that a private landowner can keep the public out of a pond created as a place for people with disabilities to fish in peace and quiet.

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Pasture Management workshop in Western IN

Pasture Management workshop in Western IN

Purdue Extension

Purdue University Extension and University of Illinois Extension are collaborating to offer a Pasture Management workshop, on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018.

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Preventing scours in calves

Preventing scours in calves

Sheila Grobosky

Southern Livestock

Calving time and scours. For many producers it seems the two go hand-in-hand. In a perfect world, producers would have ample calving space they could rotate to weekly with fresh, clean bedding in a protected environment away from Mother Nature’s wrath. That does sound good, but the reality is most cow-calf operations don’t have that much space and use the same calving area for a 90-day period where they have shelter for the cows and their new babies.

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Look deeper at the big-carcass problem

Look deeper at the big-carcass problem
Alan Newport

Beef Producer

The root of the problem that creates steaks too big for consumers is in our paradigms. To solve it we must change our minds.

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Red Angus, K-State publish cow-calf veterinarians data

Red Angus, K-State publish cow-calf veterinarians data

Cattle Business Weekly

Results from a detailed survey of cow-calf veterinarians compiling their recommendations on vaccine protocols, health management, and production practice recommendations were recently published in The Professional Animal Scientist, the publication for the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.

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Court ruling could impact groundwater rights

Court ruling could impact groundwater rights

Tiffany Dowell Lashmet

Progressive Cattleman

A landmark water ruling from U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, that federal reserved water rights include groundwater, could have significant impacts on groundwater across the country – and particularly the West.

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Managing the Impact of Cattle Lice During the Winter Months

Managing the Impact of Cattle Lice During the Winter Months

A.J. Tarpoff


Cattle lice infections can affect the health and performance of our cows and stocker cattle during the winter months. This time period generally ranges from December through March. The USDA has estimated that livestock producers lose up to $125 million per year due to effects of lice infestations.

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