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Udder Issues Can’t be Ignored

Udder Issues Can’t be Ignored

Dr. Ken McMillan


A heifer with a swollen udder may have edema, a very treatable condition.

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Determine what minerals your cows really need

Determine what minerals your cows really need

Jim Sprinkle

Progressive Cattleman

How good is the mineral supplementation program for your ranch? Are there financial benefits that can be gained with a good mineral program? Will an off-the-shelf mineral product satisfy the nutritional demands of your cow herd?

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Mother Knows Best – Why Your Livestock Eat What They Do

Mother Knows Best – Why Your Livestock Eat What They Do

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

f Mom didn’t eat it, chances are your young livestock won’t eat it either. Enjoy the video and the examples of what researchers have found, and then use the suggestions to work with your animals to help them make new food choices.

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Re-Purposing What ‘Factory’ Means

Re-Purposing What ‘Factory’ Means

Dan Murphy


As a (wanna-be) wordsmith, who’s spent a professional career trying to position ideas and concepts through the use of language, I’m extremely sensitive to the power of phrasing. Come up with terminology that “sticks,” and you’re halfway to the goal of winning hearts and minds in support of whatever notion you want your audience to embrace.

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All Beef is Grass-fed

All Beef is Grass-fed

Evan Whitley, Ph.D.

Noble Research Institute

Walk up to the beef case in your local grocery store, and you are sure to find a variety of labels calling out to you: “I’m the best choice for your family!” “No, I am the one you want!” If we’re going to sell beef, we have to market it. Right? Well, in the marketing process, the reality of products and how they compare to one another often gets lost.

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What Do the Tax Cuts Mean for Farmers and Ranchers?

What Do the Tax Cuts Mean for Farmers and Ranchers?

Northern AG

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the astute observation that “nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” On Dec. 20, Congress voted to pass a sweeping tax reform bill that won’t change Franklin’s sage guarantee, but does seem certain to lower federal taxes paid by most farmers and ranchers.

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Iowa’s beef industry adds to the state’s economy

Iowa’s beef industry adds to the state’s economy

Jennifer Carrico

High Plains Journal

One of the first projects funded by the Iowa Beef Checkoff was a study about the economic importance of Iowa’s beef industry. Iowa State University Extension livestock marketing specialist Lee Schulz said the study showed the $3.86 billion for cattle and calves in 2016 represented 15 percent of all Iowa agricultural cash receipts and 32 percent of all Iowa animal and animal product cash receipts.

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Plan ahead for shortage of vitamins A and E

Plan ahead for shortage of vitamins A and E

Amanda Radke

Tri State Livestock News

“Combined with a good mineral supplement, our cattle are able to better absorb the nutrients in the feedstuffs, and we are able to stretch out our forage resources a little bit further to save additional money.”

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Young Virginia farmer earns award for clean water protection practices

Young Virginia farmer earns award for clean water protection practices



Matthew Heldreth believes in not polluting the well in which he drinks. And he’s actually won recognition for doing just that. Heldreth, 28, recently won a Virginia Clean Water Farm Grand Basin Award for the Big Sandy-Tennessee River watersheds.

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Barley is ideal for cool-season cattle grazing

Barley is ideal for cool-season cattle grazing

Kay Ledbetter

Agrilife Toady

Barley may soon be planted to more grazing acres as Texas A&M AgriLife continues to research alternatives for the cattle and dairy industries in Texas. Barley grain is commonly used in other parts of the U.S. for malting and as a feed source for animals. But Dr. Clark Neely, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service state small grains and oilseed specialist in College Station, said it is a suitable forage crop for grazing and silage that offers some advantages over other cool-season forages.

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