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Mark Park:  The Top 10 motivations for becoming a farmer or rancher

Mark Park:  The Top 10 motivations for becoming a farmer or rancher


  1. Wildlife: You may not have time to deer hunt but you could assemble a skeleton from the pieces your dog has dragged into the front yard.

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When Do I Feed the Good Hay?

When Do I Feed the Good Hay?

Sara Brown


If you are monitoring body condition of your cows each month, you’ll likely see subtle changes as the cow grows the developing fetus. After you calculate your average feed needs for the season, now it’s time to prioritize your hay supplies based on nutrient quality for the cow and her growing calf.

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Getting Ready for Winter on the Range

Getting Ready for Winter on the Range

Sean Kelly

Tri State Livestock News

A ranch manager must remember the importance of managing the rangeland resources this winter after experiencing the drought conditions of last summer. By taking the following management practices into consideration, rangeland managers will ensure the quickest rangeland recovery possible for next year’s grazing season.

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To hay or not to hay

To hay or not to hay

Walt Davis

Beef Producer

I had a conversation recently in which some common mindsets that interfere with profitability in livestock operations were brought out. An acquaintance asked me if we had started feeding. When I told him that we had not, he said that he had been feeding hay for over a month and followed up with, “I start feeding every year on the fourth of November.”

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Arkansas forages are in rough shape, but state’s cattle herds look strong

Arkansas forages are in rough shape, but state’s cattle herds look strong

Ryan McGeeney

High Plains Journal

“It’s been a contrasting year of seasons, for sure,” said John Jennings, professor and forage extension specialist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

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NWSS Legacy Building unveiled 

NWSS Legacy Building unveiled

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the National Western Stock Show’s battered, old Livestock Center to catch a glimpse of the show’s future. That future started with recognizing the show’s history with the unveiling of plans for the Legacy Building

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Improving Profitability is Priority of Three-State Beef Conference

Improving Profitability is Priority of Three-State Beef Conference

Iowa Beef Center

Area beef producers should make plans to attend the Three-State Beef Conference set for Jan. 16, 17 and 18, 2018, with locations in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. The Three-State Beef Conference offers opportunities for producers to visit with experts on cow-calf profit and loss and calculating breakevens, alternative cow-calf production systems and using reproductive management and technologies to improve profitability.

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Titgemeyer Named KSU ASI Interim Department Head

Titgemeyer Named KSU ASI Interim Department Head

Kansas State University

Dr. Evan Titgemeyer, Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry graduate program director and research coordinator, has been named the KSU ASI interim department head effective Jan. 2.

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Tax bill benefits to ag will be temporary

Tax bill benefits to ag will be temporary

K·Coe Isom

AG Daily

The House-Senate tax bill will provide near-term benefits to many ag producers, but rate reductions and estate tax changes beneficial to ag are temporary, according to national ag accounting and business advisory firm K·Coe Isom.

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USDA to Survey Cattle Operations

USDA to Survey Cattle Operations

Laurie Bedord


To assess current U.S. cattle inventories, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will survey about 43,000 cattle operations nationwide in January. “This information helps producers make timely, informed business decisions and plan for herd expansion or reduction. It also helps packers and government leaders evaluate expected slaughter volume for future months and determine potential supplies for export,” says Greg Thessen, upper Midwest regional director.

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