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Baxter Black, DVM:  What’s Christmas to a Cow?

Baxter Black, DVM:  What’s Christmas to a Cow?

I know you’ve prob’ly asked yourself, what’s Christmas to a cow?

You’ve not!  Well maybe, just perchance  I’ve got you thinkin’ now

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Red Angus breed seeing substantial recent growth

Red Angus breed seeing substantial recent growth


Farm and Ranch Guide

Known by commercial producers as a consistent provider of fertility, longevity and overall herd profitability, the Red Angus breed has experienced two consecutive years of rapid growth – increasing its market share across the U.S. beef industry. When it comes to Angus, things are pretty black and white, or more literally, black and red.

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Genetic selections impact every facet of the beef industry

Genetic selections impact every facet of the beef industry

Raney Rapp


Low birth weights and explosive weaning weights are bull selection factors commercial and seedstock cattle producers have emphasized in the last 20 years. The result is easier calving and calves with extreme growth potential post-weaning. But, are cow-calf producers reaping the benefits of those genetic decisions?

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Cut the cost of wintering cattle

Cut the cost of wintering cattle

Jared Geiser and Brenda Boetel

Progressive Cattleman

As we continue into the winter feeding months, cow-calf producers have additional opportunities to impact their bottom line. Winter feeding costs represent the single largest cost to cattlemen, typically representing 55 to 80 percent of total costs for their cow herd.

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3 tried-and-true options for spring forage

3 tried-and-true options for spring forage

Travis Meteer

Progressive Forage

Using tillable acres to provide feed for cattle while still harvesting a cash crop is becoming a popular goal for producers. A growing question from farmers is, “What options do I have for producing forage in the off-season?” In the Midwest, the most popular choices are cereal rye, triticale and wheat.

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The Right Recipe For Fertilizing Forage Grasses

The Right Recipe For Fertilizing Forage Grasses

On Pasture

Kathy Voth

Producers growing forage grass for cattle in the southeastern United States face a crucial question: How much fertilizer to use? Many forage grasses grow best with help from nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers. But the right recipe is elusive because increasing one nutrient can reduce the impact of the others.

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USDA plans to withdraw contentious organic rule

USDA plans to withdraw contentious organic rule

Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital Press

The agency said it intends to withdraw the rule because it exceeds its statutory authority beyond the intent of the Organics Food Production Act. The USDA announced Dec. 15 that it is withdrawing a proposed rule dealing with animal handling practices for organic livestock and poultry. The rule, largely supported by organic interests, was opposed by conventional livestock producer organizations.

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Whole cottonseed can be used in cattle operations

Whole cottonseed can be used in cattle operations

Dana Zook

Enid News

Oklahoma recently jumped into uncharted territory as the fourth-largest cotton producer in the nation due to this year’s bumper cotton crop. This is fantastic for cotton producers but equally great for those in the cattle industry who can capitalize on increased availability and more reasonable pricing of cotton by-products.

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This is a good time to evaluate your cattle operation

This is a good time to evaluate your cattle operation

Western Livestock Journal

Although your cattle operation year does not end on Dec. 31 like the calendar year, maybe the calendar year-end is a good time to evaluate your cattle operation. This type of evaluation done periodically would aim to look at the big picture without focusing on the day-to-day tasks.

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Indiana cattle industry coming together at annual convention

Indiana cattle industry coming together at annual convention

Ashley Langreck


To kick off the new year, the Indiana Beef Cattle Association will host its annual convention and business meeting on Jan. 27. For the first time at the event, which will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel at the Indianapolis Airport, IBCA will be joined by the Indiana Hereford Association and the Indiana Simmental Association.

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