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Cow-Calf Cost Breakdown – Breeding Expense

Cow-Calf Cost Breakdown – Breeding Expense

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

A critical component of the cow-calf business is reproduction. Getting cows or heifers pregnant comes with the cost of breeding expense. The fourth largest expense for many cow-calf operations is breeding expense. Consider the following example. A cow –calf producer purchases a yearling bull for $5,000 dollars and plans to use him for four breeding seasons with an average of 25 cows per bull per year.

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Cold snap brings fescue foot to cows on toxic grass

Cold snap brings fescue foot to cows on toxic grass


A winter cold snap arrives. Cow’s blood flow slows. Cows start limping. It’s time to check herds for fescue foot. The first report of the disabling disease has come to Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension fescue specialist. The case is from southwestern Missouri, Roberts said. A herd owner counts 20 limping cows in a herd of 100. That can happen anywhere in Missouri.

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2017 Beef Cow Herd Dynamics

2017 Beef Cow Herd Dynamics

Derrell Peel

Northern AG

The beef cow herd began recent expansion in 2014 growing 0.75 percent followed by more significant growth in 2015 (2.95 percent) and in 2016 (3.46 percent).  From the January, 2014 low of 29.1 million head, the herd has expanded by 2.1 million head to the January, 2017 level of 31.2 million head.  There are numerous indicators that herd expansion continued in 2017.

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Marketing feeder cattle has changed in the last 15 years, hasn’t it?

Marketing feeder cattle has changed in the last 15 years, hasn’t it?

Ag News Feed

Marketing feeder cattle has changed in the last 15 years, hasn’t it? By 2001 the internet bubble had burst and we were in a new age.  Since 2002 video and internet auctions were prominent enough to compel USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to track the activity. Today, an internet search for “internet auctions for cattle” yields pages of results.  However, the volume of cattle marketed through the internet or video channels reported on the USDA’s Weekly National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary has not showed the high growth that the number of search results would suggest.

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Value-added producer grants available

Value-added producer grants available

Ag Update

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development agency has about $18 million in grant funds available to help farmers and majority-owned producer-based businesses develop new product lines and expand new markets. The grants are provided through the Value-Added Producer Grant Program.

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Cut by cut, beef value adds up

Cut by cut, beef value adds up

Miranda Reiman

The Fence Post

When you sell live cattle, you don’t get an itemized sale ticket. The check stub from a salebarn or even a packer may limit details to weight, price and head count. But that doesn’t mean the brisket brings the same value back as the loin.

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Young cattleman has found his way

Young cattleman has found his way

Kylene Scott

High Plains Journal

He might be a 28-year-old with a cane or a walker in his hand, but Clint Laflin isn’t letting any of it slow him down. Born with what he calls a mild case of cerebral palsy, Laflin needs a cane to walk about 80 percent of the time. But he hasn’t let it impede him, and in some ways his physical challenges have shaped him into who he is today—a young cattleman and Extension educator.

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