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Video: Packer seeks cattle that work for all

Video: Packer seeks cattle that work for all

The Fence Post

Kevin Hueser, senior vice president at Tyson Fresh Meats, talks about the kind of cattle he wants to find more of, and why producing them is good for everybody.

Are You Ready and Willing to Change?

Are You Ready and Willing to Change?

John F. Grimes

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

There is no doubt that in nearly every aspect of life, change is inevitable. You don’t have to look too hard to find examples of this in everyday life. Changes such as automated steering in farm equipment, self-driving cars, the home delivery of meal kits, “smart” phones, DNA tests in humans and animals to identify genetic traits and defects, Facebook, and YouTube are a few of the changes that have impacted countless lives since the turn of the century. These changes remind me of the phrase that goes “Not all change is progress but progress is certainly change!”

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Beef Sustainability:  A Journey, Not an Endpoint

Beef Sustainability:  A Journey, Not an Endpoint

Chad Ellis, Myriah Johnson

Noble Research Institute

At the core of beef sustainability stands a rancher on a continuous journey while raising and supplying beef across the country. Sustainability encompasses much more than environmental considerations. Today, a sustainable food supply balances efficient production with environmental, social and economic impacts.

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Use Angus genetics? Get a scholarship

Use Angus genetics? Get a scholarship

The Fence Post

The Angus Foundation is pleased to offer three $1,000 Allied Angus Breeders scholarships to young people who use Angus genetics in a commercial cattle operation breeding program or whose parents use Angus genetics. Emphasis is placed on applicants’ knowledge of the cattle industry and their perspective of the Angus breed.

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Oklahoma Beef Council files lawsuit against former auditor

Oklahoma Beef Council files lawsuit against former auditor

Ag Daily

Remember this story out of Oklahoma earlier this year when a former Oklahoma Beef Council accountant pled guilty to stealing more than $2.6 million from the non-profit organization over a seven-year period? Well now the Oklahoma Beef Council is seeking to recover those embezzled funds and is suing the auditor for not catching the accountant in the act.

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OSU professor named dean at S. Dakota State University

OSU professor named dean at S. Dakota State University


Capital Press

An Oregon State University professor and department head has been named dean of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University. John Killefer, who created the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at OSU by merging the departments of animal sciences and rangeland, ecology and management, will begin working at South Dakota State in late March 2018.

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Estimating Potential Capital Gains Tax Liability

Estimating Potential Capital Gains Tax Liability

Tiffany Dowell

Texas Ag Law Blog

Capital gains tax liability can be a major issue for agricultural landowners that who are looking to sell property.  Determining the value on which taxes may be figured can be difficult, particularly when the land was inherited decades ago and the basis may not be known.  With this in mind, Dr. Terry Griffin, Assistant Professor of Ag Economics at Kansas State Univeristy and I put together a fact sheet to help landowners with this issue.

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NCBA welcomes updates to beef standards

NCBA welcomes updates to beef standards

High Plains Journal

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Craig Uden released the following statement in response to the notice from the United States Department of Agriculture that it is revising the United States Standards for Grades of Carcass Beef (beef standards):

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U.S. beef supply growing, balanced by stronger demand

U.S. beef supply growing, balanced by stronger demand

Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital Press

At the first of the year, the beef cow inventory was 31.2 million head, up 3.5 percent year over year. That number is expected to be up another 700,000 head in 2018 and another 200,000 head in 2019 before flattening out, he said.

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2017 beef cow herd dynamics

2017 beef cow herd dynamics

Derrell S. Peel


The beef cow herd began recent expansion in 2014 growing 0.75 percent followed by more significant growth in 2015 (2.95 percent) and in 2016 (3.46 percent). From the January 2014 low of 29.1 million head, the herd has expanded by 2.1 million head to the January 2017 level of 31.2 million head.

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