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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Dog and the Rabbit

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Dog and the Rabbit

Have you ever been embarrassed by yer good dog? Me either! I’ve got a good dog. An Australian shepherd with one blue eye and I believe he loves me.

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Increasing Opportunity Costs for 2018 Calves

Increasing Opportunity Costs for 2018 Calves

John Nalivka


As we near the end of the calendar year, you’ve probably made most of your marketing decisions for your calves. Even if you are loading cattle to be shipped to a buyer, that doesn’t mean your thought process has ended, and it doesn’t hurt to be thinking about the coming year and what might create an opportunity.

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AHA Educational Session 2017: Paving the Genetic Path

AHA Educational Session 2017: Paving the Genetic Path

Dorian Garrick

A Steak in Genomics™

Suppose we had 100 progeny (i.e. offspring) on 1 bull. You might look at that bull and decide you like him or you don’t like him. But, that bull is just an envelop that carries genetic information. What the bull looks like really doesn’t matter, what matters is what his progeny look like. The way to look at the genetic value, or breeding value, of the bull is to look at his offspring. But, there are lots of environmental effects that influence the performance of the offspring. One example is the age of the dam. We can adjust (i.e. correct) for these effects before we measure his genetic merit.

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New webinar series for beginning farmers begins January 2018 MSU Extension

New webinar series for beginning farmers begins January 2018 MSU Extension

Jim Isleib

Michigan State University

Providing basic, practical information about new farm enterprises helps these small businesses develop sound production and marketing plans. These webinars help make this happen, reaching 1,171 people with live, online webinars since 2012.

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Are you treating problems or symptoms?

Are you treating problems or symptoms?

Walt Davis

Beef Producer

Allen Williams from Mississippi is a bright star in today’s cattle industry. His education, travel, and hands-on work is extensive and traverses five decades. Recently in conversation he mentioned the importance of controlled stress for a cow herd. Ray Bannister in eastern Montana speaks of stress and its necessity on a regular basis.

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Net wrap or twine? Researchers want to know your preference

Net wrap or twine? Researchers want to know your preference

Tri-State Neighbor

When it comes to binding forages, livestock producers have two choices – net wrap or twine – and the decision isn’t as simple as it may seem. Both binding products have their pros and cons, said Taylor Grussing, South Dakota State University Extension cow-calf specialist. “While net wrap increases baling efficiency and reduces storage loss, it can be difficult and time consuming to remove and is not digestible if consumed,” Grussing said.

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How to Compare EPDs Across Breeds

How to Compare EPDs Across Breeds

Robert Wells, Ph.D.

Noble Research Institute

Have you ever wondered which bull breed you should use in your operation? How do you make the right choice that will align best with the type of cow you own and your goals? These are common questions from producers.

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