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I Thought I Had Those Calves Sold!

I Thought I Had Those Calves Sold!

Don Ashford

On Pasture

“No I’m not lost. I was wondering if any of those half longhorn calves in that lot next to the road are for sale?” “They’re all for sale.” He stood there for a second and then he asked, “Can we go look at them?”

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Saddle & Sirloin Honors Tom Burke

Saddle & Sirloin Honors Tom Burke

Angus Media

Tom Burke of Platte City, Missouri, has been selected as the 2017 inductee into the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery, largely considered the highest honor in the livestock industry. The Saddle and Sirloin Gallery was established in 1903 and recognizes one individual each year for their lifetime of exceptional service to the livestock business, both nationally and internationally.

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Preg Test Choices

Preg Test Choices

Dr. Ken McMillan


The decision between traditional pregnancy testing through palpation, or using a simple blood test, can sometimes hinge on convenience.

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Cull-cow market timing makes a difference in overall profitability

Cull-cow market timing makes a difference in overall profitability

Lee Schulz

Iowa Farmer Today

At cow culling time, producers often face some tough decisions. Profits and prospects matter. As of Nov. 2, the $18 rally in November feeder cattle futures since Aug. 21 aligns with a better 2017 for many cow-calf producers than previously expected. Additional value could also come from holding onto calves, as backgrounding opportunities look promising. Deferred 2018 feeder cattle futures contracts have gained $19 on average since late August.

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Removing Beef Cows from the Herd Before They Become a Problem

Removing Beef Cows from the Herd Before They Become a Problem

Justin Rhinehart

University of Tennessee

Cows generate 70-75% of “non-fed” beef in the US and are used for more than just ground beef (roasts, steaks, fajita strips, etc.). Because these animals are worth more than ever before, it is important to market them while they are healthy and mobile. “Downer cows” are no longer accepted by market facilities and buyers are weary of cattle that are more likely to be condemned at the packing facility.

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USDA announces changes to the U.S. beef grading standards

USDA announces changes to the U.S. beef grading standards

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has announced it is updating its voluntary US standards for grades of carcass beef.  The update will provide companies using the standards with the additional option of age documentation.  The USDA says the ability to establish the maturity of animals ensures that cattle 30 months old, or less, are included in the youngest maturity group recognized as beef.

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Carcass weights, beef supply and beef demand

Carcass weights, beef supply and beef demand

Derrell S. Peel


The latest weekly carcass weight data for the week ended Nov. 18 showed steer carcass weights at 902 pounds for the third consecutive week. This is likely the seasonal peak in carcass weights and is up 70 pounds from the seasonal low of 832 pounds in early May. The seasonal increase is typical but a bit stronger than the average seasonal increase of 55 pounds from the April/May low to the October/November peak over the last five years.

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