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BeefTalk: Has the Beef Industry Reached Commercial Thresholds for Performance?

BeefTalk: Has the Beef Industry Reached Commercial Thresholds for Performance?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Specialist

Losing a calf at birth challenges the beef operation, including the cow and producer. But, as we know in the cattle business, the cycle of life starts with conception and concludes at death. Our goal is to minimize calf death loss. Data from the Cow Herd Appraisal Performance Software (CHAPS), through the North Dakota State University Extension Service and North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association (NDBCIA), show the 2017 benchmark average for calf death loss relative to the number of calves born is 3.4 percent.

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Meeting the Nutrient Demands of Cows Grazing Cornstalks

Meeting the Nutrient Demands of Cows Grazing Cornstalks

Karla Jenkins

University of Nebraska

As fall harvest comes to a close many cows will be turned out on cornstalks to graze the crop residue left after harvest for the winter. This can be an economical forage resource for many producers. Keeping feed costs low while maintaining production is an important part of profitability. Knowing the nutrient needs of cows is key to knowing what supplementation strategy is necessary.

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MU’s David Patterson’s Holistic Evaluation Strategy Helps Enhance Replacement Heifer Performance

MU’s David Patterson’s Holistic Evaluation Strategy Helps Enhance Replacement Heifer Performance

Oklahoma Farm Report

During the recent American Angus Association Convention, Dr. David Patterson, extension beef specialist and animal science professor at the University of Missouri spoke with producers about a replacement heifer program offered in Missouri. Beef producers there have been participating in the Show Me Select Replacement Female program for 20 years now, to improve production efficiency in their heifers, through the use of existing technology, coupled with a marketing component.

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Sharpen your cattle-handling eye for safety and utility

Sharpen your cattle-handling eye for safety and utility

Jack C. Whittier

Progressive Cattleman

“Safety of man and animal” – these are words I often used in the classroom or during an extension meeting to describe one of the overall purposes of cattle-handling equipment and facilities.

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Corruption At Drovers? Not A Chance!

Corruption At Drovers? Not A Chance!

Greg Henderson


In this age of social media and instant messaging, we sometimes find ourselves caught up in the passion of our daily lives. We can say or post our beliefs and opinions for all the world to see, yet we must still adhere to some basic principles. Truth is one of those.

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British journalist studies how the news media portrays agriculture worldwide

British journalist studies how the news media portrays agriculture worldwide

Maria Tibbetts

Tri State Livestock News

Anna Jones grew up on a farm on the border between England and Wales, where her family raises cattle and sheep. They raise continental breeds like Limousin and Charolais. Today, though, she’s bridging the gap between her rural upbringing and the urban media she’s chosen to work in at the BBC.

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Don’t Forget to Preg Check Your Cows

Don’t Forget to Preg Check Your Cows

Dr. Les Anderson

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

I hope most of you are planning your herd “preg check.” If you have not incorporated this management practice in the past, please do so this year so that you won’t be feed non-productive females this fall and winter. When it comes time to cull cows from your herd, pregnancy status is one of the first criteria that will determine whether a cow stays in the country or goes to town.

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Tips for grazing cattle on corn residue

Tips for grazing cattle on corn residue

Wallaces Farmer

Hay supplies are limited in parts of Iowa going into winter, following last summer’s dry weather. Hay for sale is fetching high prices. It’s more important than ever to take advantage of grazing cattle on corn crop residue. Crop residue is often an underused resource that can help reduce the cost of wintering beef cows.

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Saying no to extra antibiotic taxes

Saying no to extra antibiotic taxes

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

I recently read a study and related commentary that discussed taxing antibiotic use, limiting antibiotic use or limiting consumption of livestock product consumption. Can you guess why? To stop the problems with antibiotic resistance to antimicrobial products, of course … as if it would.

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6 ways for a farm couple to keep romantic spark

6 ways for a farm couple to keep romantic spark

Farm Babe

Ag Daily

I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, but after being in a relationship with a farm boy for over four years there are some things I’ve learned that may be worth passing on. It takes a special kind of person to deal with a farmer’s schedule sometimes, and it takes some patience and understanding to keep the relationship thriving.

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