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JBS suspends beef operations in Brazil

JBS suspends beef operations in Brazil

Krissa Welshans


A Brazilian court has ordered a freeze on a combined 730 million reais ($230.64 million) worth of assets, causing JBS S.A.to temporarily suspend its beef operations in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The court’s action was in response to a tax dispute between the state and JBS S.A. and its holding company J&F Investimentos.

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BeefTalk: Long-term Cow-culling Rate, Replacement Rate and Cow Age

BeefTalk: Long-term Cow-culling Rate, Replacement Rate and Cow Age

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Cow culling and heifer replacement are front and center in the fall as producers evaluate older cattle, structurally challenged cattle and cows that fail to reproduce. Moving cows to the market pen is fairly straightforward. Herd growth generally has been subtle, as gradual increases in herd size through time are evident. Most producers know cows are not easy to replace and ponder considerably before writing a sale ticket.

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Health tips for calves this fall include good nutrition

Health tips for calves this fall include good nutrition

The Prairie Star

Experience tells us that fall can be a treacherous season for keeping calves healthy. Calves come into the season stout, thrifty and with the expectation of doing well. But changing weather conditions, management systems and nutritional programs can catch the calves off guard and send them into a tailspin of poor health and performance.

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Pour it on properly

Pour it on properly

Marci Whitehurst

Progressive Cattleman

Most of us know using a pour-on product requires safety measures; obviously, we aren’t strapping on our backpack of pour-on, raising our arms in the air and liberally drenching everything around us.

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Early Weaning = Less Health Risk, Enhanced Carcass Value

Early Weaning = Less Health Risk, Enhanced Carcass Value

Garth Ruff

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Having grown up in the beef cattle business I realize this is the time of the year in which most of the spring born calves have traditionally been weaned and sent to market. Here in Northwestern Ohio where pasture comes at a premium and preserved forage is fed for a large part of the year, it may be time to consider reevaluating weaning age, in order to increase potential gains within the cow calf system.

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Respiratory disease comes with stressful times

Respiratory disease comes with stressful times

Dr. Eric Knock

Tri-State Neighbor

As we get close to weaning spring-born beef calves, or have already weaned for some operations, one of the challenges that seems to intensify this time of year is treating and controlling bovine respiratory disease.

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Yep…You Might Be A Rancher

Yep…You Might Be A Rancher

Sara Brown


    If you pull out your calving book to argue with your wife’s doctor about her due date #YouMightBeARancher …

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Paraguay ‘approved’ to sell beef to US

Paraguay ‘approved’ to sell beef to US

Global Meat News

Officials from the US Embassy in Paraguay relayed a message from Washington, US, to meatpacker Minerva SA this week. The message was this: the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has approved beef exports from Paraguay.

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Calf market profitable for producers right now, but for how long?

Calf market profitable for producers right now, but for how long?


Ag Update

“Right now you have plenty of profitability throughout the entire cattle sector, so that’s supportive. You’ve got weakening grain prices, that’s supportive, and outside of this region you have most of the U.S. that’s in pretty good shape in terms of forage. All those factors are supporting the calf market right now,” says CattleFax market analyst Mike Murphy.

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Trail camera footage helps Texas rangers catch cattle thieves

Trail camera footage helps Texas rangers catch cattle thieves

AG Daily

After combing through hours of footage from cameras designed to help hunters track wildlife, Texas authorities were able to identify two men suspected of stealing 12 head of cattle earlier this month.

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