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The Mark Parker:  Top Ten phrases farmers hate to hear

The Mark Parker:  Top Ten phrases farmers hate to hear


10. Market report: ‘dropped the limit.’

9. Veterinarian: ‘You did turn the bull in, right?’

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Fall Cattle Louse Treatments

Fall Cattle Louse Treatments

Dave Boxler

University of Nebraska

As livestock producers start planning for fall weaning, pregnancy observation, and vaccinations they often will apply an endectocide treatment for internal and external parasites such as cattle lice. While this practice is efficacious for most internal parasites and horn flies, it does not always completely control a cattle louse problem. Cattle lice are a cold weather insect, thriving during wintery conditions.

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Bovine embryo transfer helps improve herd genetics

Bovine embryo transfer helps improve herd genetics

Iowa Farmer Today

Beef and dairy producers want the animals in their herds to possess the best genetics possible. But a cow can have only one calf per year, which limits how widely desirable genetics can be transmitted into the next generation. That’s where bovine embryo transfer comes in. It’s a growing practice among producers that, in the past, required veterinarians to perform surgery, but now can be completed with a much less invasive procedure that takes as little as 20 minutes.

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Calf Care:  How Cold Is Too Cold?

Calf Care:  How Cold Is Too Cold?

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

When it comes to calving, Russ Daly will take ‌0°F, calm winds and sun over 40°F with wind ‌and rain anytime. That warmer temperature ‌may sound better, but the South Dakota State University Extension veterinarian knows the likelihood of hypothermia in a newborn calf is going to be much higher under wet, windy conditions.

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The Cost of a Fall Purchased Stocker Cattle

The Cost of a Fall Purchased Stocker Cattle

Dr. Andrew Griffith

University of Tennessee

Risks abound in the stocker cattle business. For fall stocker purchases, there are three major risks to navigate and two of them are immediate. The first major risk is the price when purchasing the animals. The second risk is October, also known as “Stocker Obituary” month (picture not provided), and the third major risk is the price at time of marketing. Since this is the beginning of October and there are others with higher quality training in animal health, the focus of this article is stocker purchase price and marketing price. This information could also be useful to cow-calf producers making marketing decisions this fall.

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So, you want to produce cattle for the Chinese export market

So, you want to produce cattle for the Chinese export market

Katrina Huffstutler

The Fence Post

You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve decided you want to produce cattle for the Chinese export market. But what’s next? According to Doug Stanton, vice president of sales and customer development with IMI Global, you need to talk to your packer. If you’re a cow-calf producer, you need to talk to your feeder.

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Now is the time to review cattle vaccination plans

Now is the time to review cattle vaccination plans

Ag Daily

Now would be a good time for cattle producers to review their animal vaccination plans, according to Gerald Stokka, North Dakota State University Extension Service veterinarian. Preventing infectious disease through planned vaccination strategies is critical to every cattle operation, he says. Producers should develop vaccination strategies in consultation with their veterinarian, and those strategies should be risk-based, researched, and reviewed annually.

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Software provides genetic, management calf value

Software provides genetic, management calf value

Dan Wheat

Capital Press

The International Genetic Solutions Feeder Profit Calculator is a new tool available at no cost to beef producers to help them establish the true value of calves sold to feedlots.

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Experiences in fescue pasture renovation

Experiences in fescue pasture renovation

Gabriel Pent

Progressive Forage

Converting pastures from toxic endophyte-infected tall fescue to novel endophyte-infected tall fescue can be a difficult and complex task, given the hardiness of this grass-fungal association and the pervasiveness of toxic endophyte-infected seed.

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Why isn’t ag invited to the party?

Why isn’t ag invited to the party?

Terry Fleck

Ag Week

It certainly can be a head-scratcher. Most Americans celebrate innovation when it comes to communication, transportation and medical breakthroughs. Break out the party horns. But where’s the excitement when it comes to technology and food? Why isn’t agriculture invited to the party? It’s largely because of the way those in the agricultural community have traditionally approached the conversation.

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