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Severe Drought Conditions in the North Starting to Cause Nation’s Mama Cow Herd to Dry Up into ’18

Severe Drought Conditions in the North Starting to Cause Nation’s Mama Cow Herd to Dry Up into ’18

Oklahoma Farm Report

It’s possible the severely dry weather we are experiencing this year, especially up North in the Dakotas and surrounding areas, could potentially impact the size of our mama cow herd as we head towards the new year. Jim Robb of the Livestock Marketing Information Center, recently took a road trip around some of the droughtier areas of the country, for a first-hand look at conditions on the ground.

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Oklahoma cattle rustlers face an elite team of ag investigators

Oklahoma cattle rustlers face an elite team of ag investigators

Raney Rapp


Today’s cattle rustlers look incredibly similar to the outlaws of old, with a few key distinctions— their targets are worth more and easier to catch, transport and sell. Rustlers plague Plains ranchers now more than ever, with often devastating results.

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Bull-soundness exams crucial

Bull-soundness exams crucial

Mary Hookham


Bull breeding-soundness exams are useful for farmers to help determine fertility when purchasing new bulls. At a recent beef workshop hosted by Dodge County University of Wisconsin-Extension, Dr. Sara Hanson de Peralta of the Mayville Animal Clinic in Mayville, Wisconsin, explained how the exams are done and how they’re helpful.

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Evolving Best Practices for Parasite Control

Evolving Best Practices for Parasite Control

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Do your clients control parasites or do they simply deworm their cattle? The difference between those concepts has become increasingly significant, particularly as drug resistance expands among the nematode species affecting cattle in North America.

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Corn can save forage

Corn can save forage

Tri State Livestock News

Drought-induced forage shortages across some areas of South Dakota has livestock producers looking for different ways meet forage needs left when pastures and hay ground are no longer an option. Corn is one such option, said Julie Walker, Associate Professor & SDSU Extension Beef Specialist.

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Mid-Oho Valley Grazing Conference

Mid-Oho Valley Grazing Conference

Ohio BEEF Cattle Letter

If you pasture livestock or want to know more about pasture management, then please do not miss this upcoming opportunity to learn from the region’s “Who’s Who” among forages and pasture management.  Ohio State University Extension, West Virginia University Extension, Washington County Farm Bureau, Washington Soil and Water Conservation District, and The Career Center, Adult Technical Training is pleased to offer our region the Mid-Ohio Valley Grazing Conference at Lazy H Farms in Fleming where individuals can interact with specialists who are at the top of their profession. Vendors and information booths will be on site for participants to visit.

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U.S. farmers and ranchers prepare for first round of NAFTA talks

U.S. farmers and ranchers prepare for first round of NAFTA talks

Bill Tomson


Next week U.S., Canadian and Mexican negotiators will be filling up the conference rooms at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in northwest Washington to begin the first round of deliberations on overhauling the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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Late Summer Temperatures Shorten Gestation Length of Fall-calvers

Late Summer Temperatures Shorten Gestation Length of Fall-calvers

Glenn Selk


Each year in August, it is time for an important reminder.  Fall-calving season is here.  In fact, the start of the fall calving season often begins before some producers expect it.  The target date for the beginning of fall calving very often is September 1.

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Are probiotics the new antibiotics?

Are probiotics the new antibiotics?

Melissa Beck

Progressive Cattleman

Cattle convert grass into steak; what’s your superpower? It is remarkable what goes on inside the rumen. The digestive system of cattle, and other ruminants, provides a complex mechanism for the digestion of feedstuffs indigestible by other animals.

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So You Want To Be A Seedstock Producer

So You Want To Be A Seedstock Producer

John Ford

A Steak in Genomics

We see producers that join a breed association, make a big splash, and then disappear. Why? This is likely because they were not focused on things that make a seedstock producer profitable and successful in the long run.

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