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Baxter Black, DVM:  Parakeets And Dogs

Baxter Black, DVM:  Parakeets And Dogs

Most of us who deal with animals on a regular basis are familiar with the books of that well-loved veterinarian and author of All Creatures, Great and Small, James Herriot. He seems to embody everybody’s image of the kindly, competent country practitioner. Occasionally wrong, but always well intentioned.

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Grazing problems arise from toxic materials

Grazing problems arise from toxic materials

Gene Lucht

Iowa Farmer Today

Pasture ground is valuable resource. Farmers sometimes get a rude reminder of that fact. Julian Toney, who operates Toney Ranch, had a serious problem last year when his cattle began dying and he wasn’t sure what was happening. What he discovered is that when a county crew cut and chewed up some trees in the road ditch, the remains of those trees ended up in his pasture.

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Fenceline weaning: Best approach for you?

Fenceline weaning: Best approach for you?

Jason Banta

Progressive Cattleman

Fall is approaching, and the majority of beef cattle producers will be weaning calves in the next few months. The goal of weaning programs is to minimize stress on calves and prepare them to perform as stockers, feeders and replacement heifers.

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Rescue the fescue

Rescue the fescue

Dennis Hancock

Progressive Forage

Tall fescue is one of the most important forage species, with about 40 million acres of it in the U.S. Yet forage growers have reported that yield loss and stand declines have gotten increasingly noticeable over the last few years.

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Ideas to Reduce Winter Feeding and Increase Your Profit

Ideas to Reduce Winter Feeding and Increase Your Profit

Chad Cheyney 

On Pasture

Winter feeding accounts for 40+% of the cost of producing a calf, so reducing or eliminating this bad habit can help keep your ranch in the black. One way to reduce winter feeding costs is to extend the period that cattle harvest their own feed by grazing.

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Here’s a supplement buying guide

Here’s a supplement buying guide

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

Too often beef producers think cubes is cubes, and whatever protein source is easy to find is therefore just fine. That plainly isn’t true, says Jason Banta, beef cattle specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. The price of supplements is highly varied, and all feeds are expensive, and spending more than necessary on a business expense is unwise.

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World reacts to Zuckerberg’s post on cattle

World reacts to Zuckerberg’s post on cattle

Terry Anderson

Today’s Producer

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is healthy and wealthy, and basically can do just about whatever he wants to do. Or not. He can get out of bed in the morning and watch cartoons. Or could actively take part in the lives of people who could change the world.

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