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BeefTalk: Precondition Calves Regardless of Weaning Time

BeefTalk: Precondition Calves Regardless of Weaning Time

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Now is the time to start preparing calves for marketing with a sound preconditioning program developed in concert with your veterinarian. Drier weather may mean selling this year’s calves earlier, so preconditioning your calves sooner rather than later makes good sense. Do not wait and, out of frustration, call the trucker and just send the calves to town.

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Calf Pneumonia

Calf Pneumonia

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Pneumonia in young calves is an important contributor to death loss before weaning. Many veterinarians and cattle producers think of postweaning respiratory disease (also known as bovine respiratory disease or BRD) when they think about lung disease or pneumonia in cattle, but calves can get pneumonia while they are still suckling their dams.

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“Proper Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance”

"Proper Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance"

Oklahoma Farm Report

“Parasites are a year-round problem,” he said. “If you’re in the great State of Oklahoma, you’re dealing with parasites pretty much habitually. So, work with your vet to create a protocol and a plan to figure out what parasites are affecting your cattle and which products match up well against those parasites.”

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LO Cattle Company in Garfield County, Montana, loses hundreds of cattle in fire

LO Cattle Company in Garfield County, Montana, loses hundreds of cattle in fire

Savanna Simmons

The Fence Post

Mary Brown, of LO Cattle Company just south of Highway 200 between Mosby and Sand Springs, Mont., is in the thick of the fire. They have 400-plus cattle that are either lost or dead. They are still fighting fire at the north end of their place and at one point it was on every single side of their ranch.

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Stop Making Estate Planning Excuses

Stop Making Estate Planning Excuses

Brent Haden


We are blessed that the vast majority of America’s ranches are still family enterprises. Passing ranching heritage to the next generation is a privilege, but it comes with the challenge of careful planning to ensure a smooth and sustainable transition.

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Ongoing drought could impact fall cattle market

Ongoing drought could impact fall cattle market

Eric Mousel

Tri State Neighbor

The central Dakotas have been experiencing an exceptionally dry spring and summer thus far, and many pairs are rolling into sale barns in Aberdeen and Fort Pierre already. If conditions do not improve soon, there may be a monsoon of cattle going to town. There are enough cattle in the Dakotas affected by this dry spell to send cattle markets tumbling off their early summer rally.

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Look at your beef herd today

Look at your beef herd today

Dr. Andy Overbay

Smyth County News & Messenger

Beef cattle are our number-one product in our area’s number-one industry, agriculture. Keeping our herds profitable is the main ingredient in the sustainability of this important cog in our economic wheel

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Producer Nick Trainor banked on goals to start cattle business

Producer Nick Trainor banked on goals to start cattle business

Gayle Smith

Progressive Cattleman

One of the most valuable pieces of advice cattle producer Nick Trainor has to offer young cattlemen is: Learning never stops. This young cattle producer makes it his goal to surround himself with positive-thinking ranchers who want to see him succeed.

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Cut (and ensile) your losses

Cut (and ensile) your losses

Lauren Peterson

Hay and Forage Grower

When life gives you drought, make corn silage from your stressed grain crop. As dry conditions wear on in the Upper Plains, some producers are considering salvaging their corn cash crop as feed.

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Summer Feedlot Conference Will Cover Care, Safety and Management of Animals and Manure

Summer Feedlot Conference Will Cover Care, Safety and Management of Animals and Manure

Iowa Beef Center
Profitability in cattle feeding depends on more than just cattle prices and performance. More than ever, manure value, market flexibility and management impact net returns to the operation. Beef producers may see manure as a double-edged sword.

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