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Creep-Feeding Economics

Creep-Feeding Economics

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

When calf prices are sky high, creep feeding often comes down to simple math. As the market trends down, however, it’s an iffier proposition—unless the motivation is more than economic. For cattleman Lindy Sheppard, the practice is about filling in forage gaps for a select group of fall-born calves.

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Managing heat stress takes forethought

Managing heat stress takes forethought

Nicole Kenney Rambo

Agri View

This time of year, in the context of cattle, we specifically have a focus on heat stress. The majority of discussion on heat stress focuses on feed-lot cattle. But cows in confinement also face the same challenges. These heat-stress-mitigation strategies are also appropriate for confinement cow operations.

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Wisconsin Ag Connection – Entries Being Accepted for 2017 World Beef Expo

Entries Being Accepted for 2017 World Beef Expo

Wisconsin Ag Connection

Officials from World Beef Expo say entries are now being accepted for the 2017 competition, which takes place September 22-24 at Wisconsin State Fair Park near Milwaukee. Beef cattle of all breeds are being welcome to complete in both the Open Show and Junior Show.

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In China, interest in U.S. beef is high, but ranchers and feeders need time to build supply

In China, interest in U.S. beef is high, but ranchers and feeders need time to build supply

Barbara Soderlin

Omaha World-Herald

Since China reopened its doors to U.S. beef, Beller’s phone has been ringing. Packing plants and exporters are on the hunt for specialty cattle like some of those Beller feeds. Green tags in their ears indicate they’ve been raised without artificial hormones and could qualify for the Chinese market.

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Why is it important to cull poor-temperament cows?

Why is it important to cull poor-temperament cows?

Patrick Davis

Progressive Cattlemen

The obvious answer to the title question is: Poor-temperament cattle are hard to handle and for safety reasons need to be culled. But that’s not the only reason. Besides human health, culling poor-temperament cattle can improve an operation’s overall profitability. Pregnancy rates can improve 5 percent, calving rates 5 percent, weaning rates 6 percent, and you can wean 35 pounds more calf per cow exposed by improving cattle temperament – according to Oregon State University research.

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Eliminate supplements with quality hay

Eliminate supplements with quality hay

Jason Banta

Hay and Forage Grower

The author is a beef cattle specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension based in Overton, Texas. A common practice for many producers during the fall is to look for the cheapest protein and energy supplements to go along with their hay for winter feeding. However, that time would be better spent during the spring and summer working to produce high-quality hay that would eliminate the need for protein and energy supplementation from grain and other concentrates.

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Essential oils can assist with livestock digestion, study finds

Essential oils can assist with livestock digestion, study finds

Kansas State University

In a study, professors Evan Titgemeyer and T.G. Nagaraja found that limonene, which is in lemon oil, and thymol, which is in thyme oil, help combat a harmful bacterium in cattle stomachs. The bacterium, Fusobacterium necrophorum, makes dietary protein less available to the animal.

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The two most impactful flies and how to treat them

The two most impactful flies and how to treat them

Fly Control Center

With summer upon us, so are the problems associated with fly infestations of cattle. Economic losses occur because flies torment cattle, sucking blood from the animals and spreading diseases such as pinkeye. However, effective control measures can keep fly populations down, which, in turn, will boost profitability in cattle operations.

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Iowa Beef Center’s Beef Feedlot Short Course Nears Attendance Limit

Iowa Beef Center’s Beef Feedlot Short Course Nears Attendance Limit

Iowa Beef Center

If you’ve been thinking about registering for Iowa Beef Center’s Beef Feedlot Short Course, it’s time to act. More than two-thirds of the 30 available spots are filled, leaving just 10 openings for the Aug. 8-10 event. IBC program specialist Erika Lundy said the educational event will provide classroom and hands-on instruction in a variety of areas, along with sessions at the Iowa State Beef Nutrition Farm and Couser Cattle Company in Nevada.

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Lowline breeders change name to Aberdeen

Lowline breeders change name to Aberdeen

High Plains Journal

To more accurately reflect the heritage of the Aberdeen breed, the American Lowline Registry has changed its name to American Aberdeen Association. The Aberdeen breed is known for calving ease, docility, efficient grass or feed conversion and meat quality.

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