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Identifying and Managing Heat Stress in Cattle

Identifying and Managing Heat Stress in Cattle

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

As the temperatures and humidity elevate, it is important to understand and manage to prevent heat stress in your cattle herd. Heat stress can lower performance and in severe cases cause death. Here are some recommendations to keep heat stress at a minimum.

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Variety of calf weaning options available

Variety of calf weaning options available

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Most calves are still weaned as autumn approaches, but several different strategies could work for many producers. Recent dry weather could have some producers looking at weaning early, says Joe Sellers, Iowa State University Extension beef specialist in Chariton. Pasture weaning could be the choice, he says, but that requires adequate forage to transition calves off their mother.

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Are we becoming a post-beef continent?

Are we becoming a post-beef continent?

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

There are a lot of things that attract people to the cattle business and this way of life. Everything from the ability to work daily with nature to the commitment and passion it requires. One of the things that always attracted me to this business was the people—hardworking people grounded in honesty, integrity and faith. Certainly, there are exceptions to that rule, but it is hard to imagine someone acquiring much success without them.

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6 tips to keep your livestock parasite free

6 tips to keep your livestock parasite free

Farm and Dairy

Internal parasites plague many different species of livestock. Here are six tips to keep parasites under control.

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Marubeni seeks juicier cut of China market with $170million US beef deal

Marubeni seeks juicier cut of China market with $170million US beef deal

Nikkei Asian Review

Marubeni has added a U.S. beef processor to its portfolio, anticipating greater exports to China after Beijing lifted a long-standing ban on meat from American cattle in June. The Japanese trading house on Tuesday acquired all of Kansas-based Creekstone Farms, a distributor of premium beef, in a deal worth about $170 million, including liabilities. With the resumption of American beef exports to China, Marubeni expects the country’s appetite for the meat to grow as its middle class expands.

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Money that matters: Quality beef still brings a premium

Money that matters: Quality beef still brings a premium

Laura Conaway

Farm Forum

Quality cattle are so commonplace they’re no longer worth a reward, right? Wrong. The market still pays more for the best, even as supplies grow. USDA data for the first half of 2017 puts the average Certified Angus Beef (CAB) brand grid premium at $4.73/cwt., on track to exceed $50 million for the year.

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Taiwan to Start Breeding Angus Cattle

Taiwan to Start Breeding Angus Cattle

The Cattle Site

It is hoped that Taiwan can begin commercial production of Angus beef five years from now, after more than 200 head were brought into the country for breeding in April, according to Wang Chung-shu, deputy head of the Council of Agriculture’s Department of Animal Industry.

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Pace of Beef Herd Expansion: The Perception and the Reality

Pace of Beef Herd Expansion: The Perception and the Reality

John Nalivka


I will start this article with a “not so profound” statement – forage and prices are the primary drivers to the cattle cycle.  Pretty basic but the economics surrounding that premise are not always so simple.  Economics concerns behavior.  In essence, how cattlemen react to markets and forage supplies leads to herd expansion or liquidation and that is the cattle cycle.  

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Estimating carrying capacity: How many cows can I graze?

Estimating carrying capacity: How many cows can I graze?

Jason K. Ahola

Progressive Cattleman

Forage cost for cow-calf producers has increased dramatically in recent years, in part due to fewer acres of forage produced (due to competition from feed grains) and considerable drought throughout the U.S.

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View from cattle industry meeting

View from cattle industry meeting

Kristin Larson

Sidney Herald

The cattle industry summer business meeting was held last week in Denver, Colo.  It was a whirlwind of meetings to update, inform and educate producers on what their checkoff is doing. We were given a checkoff update, which is a quick rundown of all programs and projects currently funded and being worked on. In a nutshell it is one of the most eye-opening and informative sessions a producer could hear.

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