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The Mark Parker:  Top 10 sources of farm laundry stains

The Mark Parker:  Top 10 sources of farm laundry stains


10. A close encounter with wheat pasture cattle.

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Advantages of Early Pregnancy Diagnosis of Yearling Heifers

Advantages of Early Pregnancy Diagnosis of Yearling Heifers

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

The middle of summer is not the time when many cattle producers think about pregnancy testing. However, for producers that have yearling heifers that were bred early this spring, many of those heifers are far enough along to be pregnancy tested.

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Why Talking about the Safety of Your Beef Product is Crucial

Why Talking about the Safety of Your Beef Product is Crucial

Michael Baker

Farming Magazine

You’ve heard it and read it many times that you need to “tell your story.” As a beef producer, you have a great story to tell about the safety of your product. This is one that I know very few consumers know about but it is significant in regards to beef safety. Whether you sell direct to the consumer using a local processing plant or sell feeder cattle that eventually makes it to a large commercial plant, this story applies to all federally inspected plants.

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Is Beef Promotion in Montana in Jeopardy?

Is Beef Promotion in Montana in Jeopardy?

Northern AG

On June 21, 2017, U.S. District Court Judge Brian Morris granted R-CALF a preliminary injunction enjoining USDA from continuing to allow MBC to use the assessments that it is qualified to collect under the Beef Checkoff Program to fund its advertising campaigns, unless a cattle producer provides prior affirmative consent authorizing the MBC to retain a portion of the cattle producer’s assessment.

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Tips on how to find, raise the most profitable cattle

Tips on how to find, raise the most profitable cattle

AG News Feed

A new report from RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness group suggests world changes in beef production could lead world beef trade back into a supply-limited situation. Report authors said political upheaval in Brazil, a new trade agreement between the US and China, and proposed bans on slaughter in India — all this in major bovine-exporting nations — have the potential to cause material shifts in global trade. Ultimately, they suggest, this could further improve pricing and already-growing beef exports for US producers.

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Keep an ‘eye out’ for pinkeye in your calves

Keep an ‘eye out’ for pinkeye in your calves

Jessica R. Newberry

Progressive Cattleman

It’s that time of year when routine “eye checks” are warranted – looking at both eyes of every animal to watch for signs of pinkeye. Also known as infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), pinkeye can be one of the most detrimental and costliest diseases in the cattle industry. Monitoring the herd for the earliest signs of pinkeye is important to limiting the impact of the disease.

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Consumers Cool on Beef Amid Hot Weather

Consumers Cool on Beef Amid Hot Weather

Benjamin Parkin

Fox Business News

"The fundamentals are definitely negative," said Steve Wagner of brokerage CHS Hedging in St. Paul, Minn. "We’re in the dog days of summer. Demand for beef is waning." A number of other factors were pressuring the cattle market. A rally in corn futures, as high temperatures threaten this year’s crop yield, increased the financial burden on cattle feeders who need the grain to fatten up their herds.

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