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Baxter Black, DVM:  White Oaks Rodeo

Baxter Black, DVM:  White Oaks Rodeo

The 4th of July weekend means different things to different people. Each of us may have a special memory of some 4th of July.

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An Athlete Versus a Livestock Jock

An Athlete Versus a Livestock Jock

Raised in A Barn

Athletes and livestock jocks normally don’t get compared. They show a few similarities, like working hard to be the best, traveling for competitions, being super competitive, and all in it to win it. Their differences are what really make these two so unique.

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US beef is back, but faces tough challenges

US beef is back, but faces tough challenges


AS Chinese and US representatives cut into a rib in Beijing on Friday to mark the return of US beef to China after a 14-year absence, customers in Shanghai also started to receive the US beef they had pre-ordered online via domestic retailers.

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Cows drive our health

Cows drive our health

Trent Loos

High Plains Journal

I have just completed another enjoyable and interesting trip to Tennessee for the Tennessee Livestock Conference, sponsored by the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association. I drove this time, which is my preferred method of transportation because it gives you a real feel for the area and what is really going in the region. The folks in this part of the world are just genuine, really good people who may not have many cows but are a huge part of the overall beef production system.

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Cuban farmers interested in U.S. animal agriculture

Cuban farmers interested in U.S. animal agriculture

Mark Dorenkamp

Brownfield News

Cuban farmers are curious about how the U.S. raises livestock. Minnesota Farm Bureau president Kevin Paap recently returned from a trade visit to Cuba, and says there was a lot of good discussion with producers from the island country.

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Bigger calves aren’t always better

Bigger calves aren’t always better

Western Producer

Chip Hines says bigger cattle aren’t better for increasing the financial bottom line. “That’s something that people do not understand. Our whole focus has been on pounds and performance, but that’s not the one that tells the story,” the author and retired Colorado rancher said during the Western Beef Development Centre’s 19th annual field day at the Termuende Research Ranch near Lanigan.

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Hot hay can ruin your day

Hot hay can ruin your day

Lauren Peterson

Hay and Forage Grower

Barn fires never happen, until they happen. While racing the rain and harvesting that last cutting may be cause for celebration, hold the applause for a few weeks. Hay that is cut and baled with high moisture is at risk for spontaneous combustion for up to three weeks as the plant cells are still respiring.

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Americans eat more beef and meat, a trend that’s expected to continue.

Americans eat more beef and meat, a trend that’s expected to continue.

Zlati Meyer

USA Today

Americans ate an average 55.6 pounds of beef in 2016, up from 54 pounds in 2015, according to the Department of Agriculture. This comes after a decade during which U.S. beef consumption plummeted 15%.

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Why is Angus Beef So Popular?

Why is Angus Beef So Popular?

Jessica Giles

Lacombe Online

Angus is one of the best branded cattle breeds in the world. The breed has been so well marketed, consumers automatically associate Angus with quality. Kajal Devani, with the Canadian Angus Association, says Angus genetics provide an excellent foundation for cross breeding.

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Chisholm Trail celebrates 150 years

Chisholm Trail celebrates 150 years

Todd Glasscock

Cleburne Tribune Review

Traveling the Chisholm Trail is probably much easier today than it was 150 years ago. If you’re willing to pay the toll, you can, of course, drive the trail’s namesake Chisholm Trail Parkway from Cleburne to Fort Worth, though, it’s highly unlikely you will be driving cattle to the Fort Worth Stockyards in your SUV.

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