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Baxter Black, DVM: Balin’ Wheat

Baxter Black, DVM:  Balin’ Wheat

Glen said J.T. liked old pickups, too. But sometimes they had a mind of their own.

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Managing heat stress in feedlot cattle takes forethought

Managing heat stress in feedlot cattle takes forethought


Farm and Ranch Guide

The Upper Midwest is a place of extremes! Extreme cold, extreme heat and extreme mosquitoes! This time of year we only have to worry about two of the three extremes and in the context of cattle we specifically have a focus on heat stress. The majority of discussion on heat stress focuses on feedlot cattle; however, cows in confinement also face the same challenges and the heat stress mitigation strategies outlined below are also appropriate for confinement cow operations.

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V8 Ranch: Powered by a commitment to customers

V8 Ranch: Powered by a commitment to customers

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Cattleman

“You’re welcome back at V8 Ranch anytime,” smiled Brandon Cutrer as I pulled out of the drive after our interview – and I’m certain I’m not the only visitor who’s heard those words. Just outside of Houston, in the quaint town of Hungerford, Texas, is possibly one of the most renowned Brahman breeders. Known for their success in the show ring and on paper, V8 Ranch is a powerhouse that just keeps growing.

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A Calculator for Marginal Calf Weight Values

A Calculator for Marginal Calf Weight Values

Ed Rayburn 

On Pasture

When you’re raising calves for sale, how do you know if you should feed that supplement, spend time and money on pasture improvements, or make other investments to increase weaning weights? Well, you do a little math. Here’s a calculator that can help!

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The Story on Silage and How to Bale It

The Story on Silage and How to Bale It

Makin Hay

It’s the hottest thing in haymaking. For years hay producers have obsessed over weather forecasts, watching with worried eyes as red digital rainclouds swept in their direction, ominous circles representing a great threat to the freshly cut hay that’s supposed to be drying in their fields.

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Health, pounds drive business

Health, pounds drive business

Laura Conaway

Agri View

What’s in a cow today? Dr. Larry Corah asked 175 cattle producers at the annual Northwest Florida Beef Conference to consider the steep increase in carrying costs. The seasoned educator spoke on adding value to cattle but pointed out spending often comes before making money. “I’ve always been intrigued with what it costs to run a cow,” Corah said.

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Never before have so few fed so many

Never before have so few fed so many

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

Never before in history have so few fed so many and fed them so luxuriously as U.S. agricultural producers do today. That observation is unoriginal, though the reality is often taken for granted — even by producers.

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Consider the no-depreciation cow-calf operation

Consider the no-depreciation cow-calf operation

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

In a traditionally managed cow-calf operation, cows are kept until death, or a non-production event. Through the years, depreciation robs the owner of a considerable dose of equity, and the cow must pay her keep with profitable calves at the same time her declining value is robbing the rancher of asset value.

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U.S. cattle industry split on need for label law

U.S. cattle industry split on need for label law

Alec Regimbal

Yakima Herald-Republic

A lawsuit seeking to require imported meat to again be labeled is getting a mixed reaction from the cattle industry. Food standards in other countries aren’t nearly as stringent as those in the United States, said Dave Dashiell, a district manager with the Cattle Producers of Washington, one of several groups that filed the lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Mill Creek Land & Cattle

Mill Creek Land & Cattle

Samantha Reese

Tennessee Cattle Business

As we transitioned from a 4-H and FFA project to a seedstock producer, I had to develop a market for commercial Brangus bulls in Tennessee. Commercial cattlemen in our area needed cleaner made bulls for our market with the ability to add heterosis and pounds at weaning time. We had the right kind of bulls. We just needed to get people to try them.

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