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Ask the Consultant: Top 10 grazing management misconceptions

Ask the Consultant: Top 10 grazing management misconceptions

Jeff Goodwin

Progressive Cattleman

Often, in the course of our work as consultants in the Southern Great Plains, we work with clients through land management issues that have a relatively straightforward answer. For the most part, we address a producer’s concerns based on a particular land management goal.

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R-CALF USA: Investigate JBS

R-CALF USA: Investigate JBS

Northern AG

The cattlemen’s group R-CALF USA is calling on U.S. authorities to investigate how Brazilian meatpacker JBS SA acquired its U.S. meatpacking businesses as the company is embroiled in a corruption scandal in its home country.

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Mate extract improves carcass quality, oxidative stability in feedlot cattle

Mate extract improves carcass quality, oxidative stability in feedlot cattle

Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Feed Navigator

An international team of researchers from Brazil and Denmark examined the use of mate (Ilex paraguariensis A.St.-Hil.) as a feed additive in the diets of cattle and influence on meat quality. The group published its results in the journal of Food Research Internationa l.

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Brangus Breeders Participate in BIF Research Symposium

Brangus Breeders Participate in BIF Research Symposium

Peyton Waldrip


“This [BIF Research Symposium and Convention] is the most important scientific meeting of the year that includes high-profile commercial cattlemen and cutting-edge seedstock producers,” IBBA Executive Vice President Tommy Perkins, PhD., PAS said. A group of Brangus breeders, including members of IBBA’s board, IBBA committee chairmen, and IBBA committee members, attended this year’s symposium.

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Low-Input Heifer Development Compares Favorably

Low-Input Heifer Development Compares Favorably

John Maday


Ranchers place a high priority on heifer pregnancy rates, while also understanding that, at some level, high development costs can cancel out the economic advantage of a small increase in pregnancy. They also recognize that heifers bred to calve early in the calving season set themselves up for future productivity and longevity in the herd.

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Heat Mitigation Awareness and Strategies for Beef Producers

Heat Mitigation Awareness and Strategies for Beef Producers

Iowa Beef Center

Summer is here and the temperatures are starting to increase. After a cool spring that may feel good to some, but many cattle that have not adapted to warmer weather still have remnants of a winter hair coat. To those animals, the increasing temperature will be an unwelcome change.

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Monitor mineral intake closely during summer

Monitor mineral intake closely during summer

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

Summer often becomes a busy time of year for ranchers (especially during haying season). Don’t forget to check the mineral feeders or blocks to be certain that they are supplying the minerals that your cows need. In some cases, medications may be recommended by your veterinarian to be included in the mineral mix.

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Gene editing makes calves resistant to bovine tuberculosis

Gene editing makes calves resistant to bovine tuberculosis

Larry Lee

Brownfield Ag News

Genetic researchers in China claim they have successfully edited the bovine genome to make it resistant to bovine tuberculosis. In a study published in Genome Biology, the team of scientists at Northwest A&F University in Shaanxi, China say they used CRISPR Cas9n technology to introduce the resistant gene to 11 calves.

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Cottonseed without gossypol offers nutrition options

Cottonseed without gossypol offers nutrition options

Delta Farm Press

He explains that gossypol, a toxic substance that persists throughout the cotton plant to protect it from pests, limits use as a feed option for livestock other than cattle. Cottonseed has been a staple for cattle for years, possible, Rathore says, because of the complexity of a cow’s digestive system. Gossypol is toxic to other livestock species.

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Pregnancy testing is valuable tool

Pregnancy testing is valuable tool


Victoria Advocate

According to the National Animal Health Monitoring Survey conducted by the USDA a few years ago, only about 1/6of U.S. beef cattle producers regularly pregnancy test their cows after breeding season ends. That is lower than the percentage reported by ranchers in south Texas in a survey we conducted several years ago.

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