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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 hay harvest issues

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 hay harvest issues


10.  Your high-tech baler’s alarm is going off but it’s unclear if you’re out of twine, due for service or in the path of a tornado.     

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Protect calves from disease begins before they are born

Protect calves from disease begins before they are born

Southern Livestock Standard

At the herd level, low pregnancy rates, abortions and calf deaths are some of the real economic losses associated with inadequate fetal protection against reproductive diseases.

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Grazing Management is Important- Especially During Summer

Grazing Management is Important- Especially During Summer

Gary Bates

University of Tennessee

It doesn’t take long reading through cattle or forage magazines to come across an article that talks about the benefits of some type of rotational grazing. It might be called mob grazing, managed intensive grazing, or rotational stocking. The other day I read about a technique called "adaptive paddock grazing".

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Five Things to Improve your Quicken Record Keeping

Five Things to Improve your Quicken Record Keeping

Jessica Groskopf

University of Nebraska

While it’s still fresh in your mind, now is the time to make changes to your farm or ranch record keeping system. There are many programs available to help you organize your financial information. Nebraska Extension has been teaching Quicken courses for the past few months.

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Where Fly Control Starts Early and Goes Long

Where Fly Control Starts Early and Goes Long

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

"Fly control is a challenge in the Southeast because of our warmer weather. We don’t get enough prolonged periods of cold weather to impact insect populations. Then we have a long, hot, humid summer season," he says.

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Bale wrapping: How late is too late?

Bale wrapping: How late is too late?

Melissa Beck

Progressive Forage

Weather conditions such as mild temperatures, frequent rains, heavy dew and overcast days make curing early-season hay difficult. Waiting for perfect conditions can result in forages that are too mature and lower in quality, and rains can contribute to diminished quality by essentially washing away the water-soluble proteins and carbohydrates.

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Meat Packer Blames ABC’s ‘Pink Slime’ for Nearly Killing Company

Meat Packer Blames ABC’s ‘Pink Slime’ for Nearly Killing Company


ABC News’ characterization of a South Dakota meat processor’s ground-beef product as "pink slime" almost put Beef Products Inc out of business, BPI’s lawyer said on Monday in the opening salvo of a closely watched trial.

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Trump makes U.S. farmers nervous

Trump makes U.S. farmers nervous


Agri View

A sizable majority of rural Americans backed Donald Trump’s presidential bid, drawn to his calls to slash environmental rules, strengthen law enforcement and replace the federal health-care law.

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Beef Sustainability Metrics Taking Shape

Beef Sustainability Metrics Taking Shape

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

As the topic of sustainability continues  to be discussed within the agricultural industry, the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) is moving forward with developing metrics to assess sustainable practices within each sector of the beef value chain.

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CS Beef Opens Idaho Facility

CS Beef Opens Idaho Facility

Greg Henderson


CS Beef Packers began operations last week at the new harvest and processing facility in Kuna, Idaho. Partners J.R. Simplot Company and Caviness Beef Packers built the $100 million, 370,000-square-foot facility to harvest cull cows and bulls from dairy farms and ranches throughout the Intermountain West.

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