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Baxter Black, DVM : Landscaping

Baxter Black, DVM :   Landscaping

Genie noticed the bottle of Jack Daniels on the kitchen table when she got home late that night. Like most lettuce farmers, if whiskey was kept in the house, it was not usually kept on the kitchen table.

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NDSU Extension develops grazing management tools

NDSU Extension develops grazing management tools

The Prairie Star

Setting a stocking rate is one of the most important decisions that ranchers or land managers make. Stocking rate refers to the number of specific kinds and classes of animals grazing or using a unit of land for a specific timeframe.

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Batting about selenium pools

Batting about selenium pools

Woody Lane

Progressive Cattleman

The selenium issue is a little like professional baseball – every year brings new developments, it’s a source of avid discussion and people rely on statistics to support whatever opinion they currently espouse.

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Seeing the Pasture for the Trees

Seeing the Pasture for the Trees

Genevieve Slocum

On Pasture

Shaded pastures are among the more challenging conditions faced by anyone trying to establish a productive pasture. This scenario varies but often involves a grazier who wants to set up a very intentional form of silvopasture, managing both trees and forage to balance the productivity of both.

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16 tips to control flies in cattle feedlots

16 tips to control flies in cattle feedlots

Dave Boxler

Fly Control Center

Potential fly outbreaks in feedlots are just around the corner. That means potential weight losses in cattle, the risk of disease transfer and complaints from neighbors. Regular cleaning, monitoring and maintenance of typical fly-breeding habitats will help reduce fly populations in feedlots. In general, a clean and tidy operation will have less fly problems than a messy one.

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Surviving the Depression at Wolf Creek in Montana

Surviving the Depression at Wolf Creek in Montana

Marie Poloson as told to her daughter, Grace Larson

Tri State Livestock News

During the Depression years at Wolf Creek we had to wear our shoes a lot longer. Fred and I have crooked toes. Fred said his came from wearing a poor pair of shoes bought at the mercantile in Plains. Those years were very difficult. No one had much money and what they did have was really stretched.

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Plan now for corn silage success-Part 1

Plan now for corn silage success-Part 1

Jim Isleib

Michigan State University

Most farmers who feed corn silage already have a plan for 2017. A thoughtful review of your plans for corn silage could have a positive impact on your results. Hybrid selection is a big part of planning for a good corn silage year.

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