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BeefTalk: Improper Grazing Steals From the Future

BeefTalk: Improper Grazing Steals From the Future

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Proper cattle management means proper pasture management. Correct pasture stocking rates and grazing plans are essential for the short run and the long-term survival of a beef operation. Producers have many approaches to grazing systems. The key point is to have a plan because improper grazing steals from the future.

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Consider the Consequences of Bad Behavior

Consider the Consequences of Bad Behavior

Justin Rhinehart

University of Tennessee

Temperament of cattle has long been recognized to influence production efficiency by having an impact on cattle handling and performance. More recently, scientists have suggested that flighty behavior of individual cattle can also affect the performance of the entire group. So, letting just one flighty calf slip passed the sort could decrease the performance of the entire group. For humans, temperament is defined as the way a person thinks, behaves or reacts. For cattle, a good definition for temperament is the intensity of their "fight or flight" instinct.

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Prioritization Is Important To Nutrient Management

Prioritization Is Important To Nutrient Management

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Most cattle producers have a nutrition program of one type or another. Some are very well structured, perhaps even having been designed working with a nutritionist. Others are less sophisticated and are the results of getting recommendations at the local feed store or coffee shop.

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Estrus-synchronization products

Estrus-synchronization products

Cliff Lamb

Angus Journal

Spring is approaching, and many folks are going to be planning for the upcoming spring breeding season. During the year, I receive numerous questions focusing on estrus-synchronization protocols and the products used in those protocols. There also appears to be some confusion in the understanding of what each of the products is responsible for in an estrus-synchronization protocol. Therefore, I thought it would be good to clarify some of the questions that I frequently receive.

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Farm rooted in mission of Dominican Sisters of Peace

Farm rooted in mission of Dominican Sisters of Peace

Jessica Able

The Record

“We’ve done a whole lot to humanely raise cattle, in how we feed them, how they are handled and the general welfare of the cattle,” he said, adding “people want to know where their food comes from.” The farm is situated on 650 acres of picturesque countryside of gently-rolling hills just a short walk downhill from the Dominican Motherhouse.

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Defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership not favorable for local cattle ranchers

Defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership not favorable for local cattle ranchers

Tabatha Mills

Kern Golden Empire

President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership could disrupt an essential market for beef producers, a market that doesn’t exist anywhere else. TPP would have fostered the demand in Japan for American beef products, products we don’t eat but are still a quality food source.  Now with that trade agreement out the door, some local beef producers are essentially losing out on tens of thousands of dollars.

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Pain management in cattle

Pain management in cattle

Lisa Guenther


There’s no doubt that some routine procedures such as castration are painful for cattle. Fortunately, researchers are figuring out how producers can mitigate pain with products on the market today.

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Cattle farmer diversifies; opens trout pond in Tazewell

Cattle farmer diversifies; opens trout pond in Tazewell

Joe Tennis

Bristol Herald

With beef prices dropping, cattle farmer Dean Matney has dropped a new line on a trout pond. Matney, 44, raises 400 head of cattle on a 1,200-acre farm in Tazewell County, about halfway between the Town of Tazewell and a crossroads called Frog Level. Steadily, he said, beef prices have been dropping.

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Brazil Meat Scandal: 63 Indictments

Brazil Meat Scandal: 63 Indictments

Greg Henderson


Federal Police in Brazil has indicted 63 people for their role in a vast corruption scheme within the Ministry of Agriculture. The charges allege federal auditors at meat processing facilities took bribes for years in exchange for fraudulent sanitary permits.

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Dewormer Found to Have Activity on Horn Flies

Dewormer Found to Have Activity on Horn Flies

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

LongRange was introduced to beef producers in December 2012, as the first extended-release injectable cattle dewormer providing up to 150 days of parasite protection. But the Merial product looks to be more than a dewormer, judging by a recent study.

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