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BeefTalk: Zero Tolerance for Bad Cows

BeefTalk: Zero Tolerance for Bad Cows

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

I apologize if the following words are too harsh, but they are true. Unfortunately, some know the feeling all too well. The beef business has risks, and one risk is bad-tempered cows, cows that want to kill you. Most cows respect their caregivers and have only goodwill. But for those of a different temperament, get them out of the pen. You should have no room in the pen for killer cows.

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What to do with Extra Forage?

What to do with Extra Forage?

Maggie Malson

The Cattleman

Fertile blackland and loamy soils, adequate rainfall, bermudagrass varieties with deep root systems, and a high density of cattle inventory make southeast Texas cow-calf country. Opportunities abound for ranchers to take advantage of the region’s climate, topography and forage production. Kelley Sullivan, a Crockett rancher, encourages producers to think about the best way to preserve the nutritional value of their forages.

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Hawaii Cattle Company Gets $300,000 to Expand Production

Hawaii Cattle Company Gets $300,000 to Expand Production


An effort to promote more local beef production and reduce the state’s reliance on imported meats has received a six-figure investment from a Hawaii-based venture capital fund. EEx Fund One LLC, which supports Energy Excelerator programs, has invested $300,000 in Kunoa Cattle Company, The Garden Island reported on Tuesday.

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Find Bad Udders Now | Cattle Network

Find Bad Udders Now | Cattle Network

Glenn Selk


Every year at "preg" checking time, ranchers evaluate cows and make decisions as which to remove from the herd.  One criteria that should be examined to cull cows is udder quality.  Beef cattle producers are not as likely to think about udder health and shape as are dairy producers, but this attribute affects cow productivity and should be considered.

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Put Your Pregnancy Check Results to Work

Put Your Pregnancy Check Results to Work

AG News Feed

View the post and author information at its original source Pregnancy check day is one of the most important days on the ranch. “It is the day when cattle producers find out which cows are pregnant and how many calves they can expect during calving season,” explained Taylor Grussing, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist.

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CattleFax Hosting Webinar On Beef Industry Outlook

CattleFax Hosting Webinar On Beef Industry Outlook

AG Wired

An upcoming CattleFax Trends+ Cow-Calf Webinar will address whether or not the lows have been established for the cattle industry, as well as provide an outlook for the cow-calf and entire beef industry for 2017. The free webinar will be held May 24, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. MT. Participation in the webinar, and access to program details, producers and industry leaders, requires registration. Register online here.

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NDSU Extension Service faces $4.3 million in proposed state budget…

NDSU Extension Service faces $4.3 million in proposed state budget…

Ellie Potter

The Dickinson Press

The North Dakota State University Extension Service faces a more than 14 percent budget cut for the coming biennium. Both chambers of the state Legislature propose cutting Extension Service funding this legislative session, which is contained in Senate Bill 2020. The bill is still in conference committee, so no final decisions have been made. However, current legislation has about $4.3 million less than the service’s 2015-17 budget, said Chris Boerboom, director of the NDSU Extension Service.

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Keep an eye out for washy spring forage

Keep an eye out for washy spring forage

Alan Newport

Beef Magazine

Early spring forage, if not growing among old forage so they must be grazed together, is high in protein and water content, and fairly low in energy. Runny manure in many herds every spring testifies to the effects of washy forage.

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Lifestock supply points for wildfire donations set closing dates

Lifestock supply points for wildfire donations set closing dates

Kay Ledbetter

Angus Beef Bulletin

In Texas, livestock supply points for wildfire donations set closing dates. The truckloads of hay have slowed, and producers affected by wildfires are beginning to get some perspective on the damage done and the path forward, so Livestock Supply Points in three Texas counties will begin winding down, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service officials.

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Lush Spring Forages and Beef Cow Reproduction

Lush Spring Forages and Beef Cow Reproduction

Ryan Sterry

Feedlot Magazine

After a long winter, most of us relish the first few warm and sunny days of spring. For our beef farmers, those first spring days also signal that our pastures will be greening up soon. Making the transition from winter feeding to spring pasture often represents our most economical and labor efficient feeding of the year.

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