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Baxter Black, DVM: The Toast

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Toast

It gives me great pleasure to stand here today

   To heap limelight on one in our midst

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Less Breeding Time, Higher Preg Rates

Less Breeding Time, Higher Preg Rates

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Pregnancy rates barely making the 80% mark are hardly enough to hit the break-even point for commercial beef producers today, yet that’s exactly where North Florida Research and Education Center’s (NFREC) 200-head cow herd lined up when animal scientist Cliff Lamb came to the center in 2008.

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Checking Alfalfa for Winter Injury

Checking Alfalfa for Winter Injury

Bruce Anderson


Alfalfa usually comes through the winter in pretty good shape in our area, so rarely do I worry much about it. And I hope we will avoid serious losses this year.

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Neighbors head to court after cattle poisoned by tractor battery

Neighbors head to court after cattle poisoned by tractor battery

Tri State Livestock News

Five months ago, while on a business trip to Florida, Iowa farmer Joel Moser got the call from his neighbor, who volunteered to do chores, that more than 100 of his cattle were exposed to tractor battery acid that got combined with the feed in the mixing wagon. He spent the following week trying, with little success, to keep his animals alive.

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At One Health, medical issues are examined from two sides

At One Health, medical issues are examined from two sides

Janelle Atyeo

Tri-State Neighbor Reporter

South Dakota recently saw its first cattle herd in six years infected with bovine tuberculosis, and though it’s a disease that could spread to humans, health professionals have a pretty good handle on the challenges that come with eradicating TB.

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K-State Crowned National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team

K-State Crowned National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team

Kansas State University

The Kansas State University Meat Animal Evaluation Team won National Champion honors in the 2017 Collegiate Meat Animal Evaluation Contest in Manhattan, Kan. The team was recognized Tuesday, April 4 at the Stanley Stout Center following the three-day competition.

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Cattle Grazing Can Help Prevent Wildfires

Cattle Grazing Can Help Prevent Wildfires


Farmers and ranchers have been raising cattle on rangelands for more than 200 years. Rangelands provide ranchers with access to nutritional forage for livestock, preserving the integrity of the Western livestock raising heritage.

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Brazil provides update on meat industry audits

Brazil provides update on meat industry audits

Krissa Welshans


Eumar Novacki, executive secretary of Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Food Supply (Map), provided an update April 6 on the audits of the 21 establishments that had been under suspicion since the announcement of the Brazilian meat investigation known as "Operation Weak Flesh."

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How to create a fencing plan

How to create a fencing plan

Farm and Dairy

Fencing is a costly investment, but an important one for farmers with livestock. Planning is key to making sure fencing is installed properly and getting the most out of the investment.

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New year, old pests: Fever tick and screwworm

New year, old pests: Fever tick and screwworm

Joe C. Paschal

Progressive Cattleman

Far south, along the Rio Grande on the U.S. and Mexican border, there is a reminder of one of the most successful livestock parasite eradication programs in the U.S., if not the world – the USDA Fever Tick Eradication Program.

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