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Cow Bid Estimator helping beef producers make sound buying decisions

Cow Bid Estimator helping beef producers make sound buying decisions

AgriLife Today

Blair Fannin

A spreadsheet application can be a useful decision aid to assist beef cattle producers with future purchases and forecast profit or loss based on purchase costs. Mac Young, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economist from Corpus Christi, gave a demonstration of the Bid Price Estimator for Beef Cows at the recent Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Convention in San Antonio.

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Moving new cattle into the herd

Moving new cattle into the herd

Stephen Blezinger

Progressive Cattleman

The cattle industry in the U.S. can be accurately described as “transient.” Animals, from the time they are born, may be bought and sold multiple times and may spend at least some time on numerous farms or facilities.

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The Undoing of the Obama Ag Agenda

The Undoing of the Obama Ag Agenda

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

For the past 8 years, many in agriculture have felt the federal government was at war with the American farmer. During his first few days at the USDA, Secretary Vilsack ruffled feathers in mainline ag circles by saying rural development would be the top priority of his administration not commodity programs.

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Reducing summer pneumonia risks begins now

Reducing summer pneumonia risks begins now

The Indianapolis Star

Changing weather conditions and stress from working or transporting calves opens the door for the viruses and bacteria that cause summer pneumonia. The vaccinations a cattleman gives this spring can help reduce the risk of summer pneumonia and prepare calves successfully for fall weaning.

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A stare down in feedlot country

A stare down in feedlot country

Brownfield Ag News

Jerry Passer

Cattle buyers and sellers continued to stare at each other on Friday afternoon with neither side willing to step toward the middle Bids ranged from 122.00 to 124.00 live, and 196.00 to 200.00 on a dressed basis. Asking prices remained at around 128.00 plus in the South, and 205.00 plus in the North. The weekly kill was estimated at 573,000 head, 20,000 less than last week, but 37,000 more than last year.

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A Simple Gift

A Simple Gift

Katie Alexander

Angus Media

David Zeiset is among those who show that the gift to be simple is the gift to produce the best. His family operates a high-quality commercial Angus herd of 150 cows 9 miles west of Chickasha, Okla., where earlier generations owned Herefords and milked Holsteins.

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27th Annual W. Va. Beef Expo brings large crowds to WVU Jackson’s Mill

27th Annual W. Va. Beef Expo brings large crowds to WVU Jackson’s Mill

Kailee E. Gallahan

The Weston News

The 27th annual West Virginia Beef Expo drew a crowd of over 800 people for Thursday’s and Friday’s events at WVU Jackson’s Mill, with more of the same expected today. For the first time, the expo was held in the new multi-purpose facility on the Jackson’s Mill air strip, which provided more parking, according to Bruce Loyd, Lewis County Extension agent.

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Plan now for breeding season

Plan now for breeding season

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

It’s not just heifers and cows that need to be in the right body condition score (BCS) for breeding season success. Bulls need to be at the right nutritional plane to perform well during turnout. They will lose condition during breeding, so start them off right.

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New formulations change dewormer options for cattle producers

New formulations change dewormer options for cattle producers

By Dr. Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattlemen

Over two decades, internal parasite control in cattle on western Canadian pastures moved from “not necessary” to “routine” for progressive cow-calf producers. While the presence of internal parasites in cattle is often inapparent, removing the economic burden they represent is now an integral component of health management in many herds.

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Trade Tops Cattlemen’s Legislative Wish List

Trade Tops Cattlemen’s Legislative Wish List

Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade

Lancaster Farming

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has been shaping its policy agenda for the new legislative session. Craig Uden, the association’s president, said last week that he’s excited about the resolution of several perennial policy points, but the work is not done.

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