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Baxter Black, DVM:  Hi-Horned Red Cow’s Calf

Baxter Black, DVM:  Hi-Horned Red Cow’s Calf

I have calved a lot of heifers in my life…thousands.  All of us who have that type of experience know that after the sweat and strain, the slick and sticky, the hope and pull, the grunt and sigh, when the wet little creature plops on the ground, sometimes there is a moment that time stands still.  A second, or two or five, we stare, our world suspended, waiting for a sign.

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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs old age is edging closer

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs old age is edging closer


10. Not only do you remember Uncle Joe from the Shady Rest Hotel at Petticoat Junction, you’re beginning to look like him.

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Thin Margins Force Cow/Calf Producers to Learn how to Squeeze the Most Profit from their Operation

Thin Margins Force Cow/Calf Producers to Learn how to Squeeze the Most Profit from their Operation

Oklahoma Farm Report

A few years ago, making money at the cow/calf business was fairly easy. Since then though, these last few years have proven a bit tougher to turn a profit. Randy Blach, CEO of CattleFax, says while it may take a little more work and attention to expenditures, profitability on the ranch can still be done.

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Feeding Management Reduces Weak Calves

Feeding Management Reduces Weak Calves

Tri State Livestock News

Cows with a body condition score of 3 or 4 would have more incidences of weak calf syndrome than cows with more body fat, he notes. The lack of body fat isn’t the only issue involved, although it is a good physical sign to observe.

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Calving difficulty can be reduced through genetics, proper nutrition

Calving difficulty can be reduced through genetics, proper nutrition

Dr. Eric Knock

Tri-State Neighbor

Calving season is started or soon will be for many producers. As we go through the season, calving difficulty is one of the primary events that has a lasting impact on a calf and the cow. How can you manage to lessen the chances of dystocia?

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WOTUS: Supreme Court Won’t Halt Case

WOTUS: Supreme Court Won’t Halt Case

Timothy Cama

Northern AG

The Supreme Court will not pause a case concerning the Obama administration’s Clean Water Rule in a rebuke to the Trump administration. The justices’ decision came on Monday with no explanation. 

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Economically Relevant Cattle Traits

Economically Relevant Cattle Traits


Sire selection should focus on that which is economical. This requires a true accounting of the traits that generate revenue or incur a cost within a specific beef cattle enterprise. Once the drivers of profit have been identified, sire selection should focus on the suite of traits that impact profitability.

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