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Heifer Selection By The Numbers

Heifer Selection By The Numbers

Dr. Ken McMillan


For this discussion, I will assume all the heifers are by one bull and not discuss how multiple sires might factor into your selection decision. I will remind you that 50% of the genetics comes from the bull side, and bull selection is your most significant path to cow herd improvement. The bull has 25 to 30 times the significance of a single cow.

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Cattle building benefits factor into industry expansion

Cattle building benefits factor into industry expansion

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

More and more cattle feeders are looking at putting roofs over hooves and moving hides out of the elements. Shawn Shouse, Extension ag engineer with Iowa State University in Lewis, Iowa, says while most of the technology remains pretty much the same, interest among the cattle industry is growing.

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Brazil meat scandal widens

Brazil meat scandal widens

Peter Prengaman


A scandal over allegations of bribery in Brazil’s meat-packing industry to allow the sale of expired meat deepened as the European Union, China and Chile decided to halt some meat imports from Latin America’s largest nation. The developments are a major blow to Brazil, one of the world’s largest exporters of meat, which is struggling to emerge from its worst recession in decades.

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Kentucky Cattleman Testifies before U.S. House Small Business Subcommittee

Kentucky Cattleman Testifies before U.S. House Small Business Subcommittee


Today, Tim White, a cattle producer from Lexington, Kentucky, testified before the House Small Business Committee’s Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy, and Trade regarding the future of America’s small family farms. In his testimony, White called on Congress to address the overly burdensome regulatory environment that is hampering rural America, repeal the federal estate tax, and to ensure the 2018 Farm Bill works for America’s cattle producers.

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Facing up to pain in cattle

Facing up to pain in cattle

By Debbie Furber

Canadian Cattlemen

No ifs or buts about it, producers who used meloxicam to ease the discomfort of branding, castration and other routine procedures on young calves in the past plan to use it again this spring.

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Cattle cycle magnifies low-cost necessity

Cattle cycle magnifies low-cost necessity

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

Late-winter cattle price support was welcome, but the cattle cycle says profit opportunity for cow-calf producers will continue to run south for the next several years.

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From calving through breeding: Cow herd mineral nutrition matters

From calving through breeding: Cow herd mineral nutrition matters


Minnesota Farm Guide

Minerals and vitamins account for a very small proportion of daily intake in cow diets and can be overlooked due to a misunderstanding of the importance of adequate mineral nutrition and because of the cost of supplementation.

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Cost Of Beef Will Not Increase In U.S.

Cost Of Beef Will Not Increase In U.S.

Esther Kwon

Fox Illinois

Over 20 meat producing companies in Brazil are being investigated after it was found that they were bribing safety inspectors to give them certificates for bad meat. That drove countries like China to look to the U.S. for beef imports. The Illinois Beef Association says anytime markets open and close like that on the global scale, it affects the local market.

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Students learn elements of cattle production at Purebred Beef Teaching Unit

Students learn elements of cattle production at Purebred Beef Teaching Unit

Samantha Albers

Kansas State Collegian

At Kansas State’s Purebred Beef Teaching Unit, the breeding program provides an educational, hands-on experience in cattle production that helps students find their role in the industry.

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Master Cattleman program boosts farmers’ knowledge, revenue potential

Master Cattleman program boosts farmers’ knowledge, revenue potential

Purdue University

When three Indiana farmers were ready to take their operations to the next level, the Purdue Extension Master Cattleman program was there to steer them in the right direction. Randy Bush, Dean Gangwer, and Cory Hill are established beef producers who have worked with the Master Cattleman program to improve their efficiency and productivity.

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