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Scoring For Better Bunk Management

Scoring For Better Bunk Management

Feedlot Magazine

Consistent growth and sustainable performance are two of the pieces of the puzzle to a successful pen of cattle. Keeping your thumb on the intake of a pen can help determine the overall outcome, days on feed and conversion. Although the scientific aspects of finishing cattle tend to get the most attention, Warren Rusche, South Dakota Extension Beef specialist, says feeding cattle successfully is as much art and judgement.

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Sire Selection is Foundation for Profitable Herd

Sire Selection is Foundation for Profitable Herd

John Massey

Cattle Today

Bull selection is the foundation for building a profitable beef herd. Approximately 88 percent of the genetic makeup of a herd after 10 years of breeding will have come from the bulls used. The sire and dam each contribute 50 percent to the genetic makeup of each calf.

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NCBA outlines 2018 Farm Bill priorities

NCBA outlines 2018 Farm Bill priorities

Julie Harker

Brownfield AG News

The president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the cattle industry will oppose any inclusion of a livestock title in the 2018 Farm Bill and any attempts to restrict the ownership of livestock in a so-called “packer ban.”

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Set calves up for long-term success

Set calves up for long-term success

Morning AG Clips

It’s never too early to think about a calf’s respiratory health. The steps producers take this spring with young calves not only help protect them through grazing season, but can prepare the calves for a more complete immune response with pre-weaning and weaning booster vaccinations.

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A good herd-health program and keeping herd stress low are important for raising quality cattle

A good herd-health program and keeping herd stress low are important for raising quality cattle

Chad Gulley

Tyler Morning Telegraph

Common cattle diseases respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases include Leptospirosis (Lepto), Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), Trichomoniasis (Trich), Brucellosis and Vibrio. Contact your large animal veterinarian to set up a vaccination program that fits your herd needs.

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Hay producers should consider quality over quantity

Hay producers should consider quality over quantity

Adam Russel

Gilmer Mirror

Producing quality hay takes planning but can be worth the effort, said Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts. Dr. Jason Banta, AgriLife Extension beef cattle specialist, Overton, said producing high quality hay can eliminate the need for protein and energy supplementation for beef cattle during the winter.

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Mad Cow 2.0?

Mad Cow 2.0?

Dan Murphy


As pundits love to say, the optics were not good. In fact, the recent stunt by Brazilian President Michel Temer in attempting to tamp down a corruption scandal involving his country’s meat inspection system bears a striking resemblance — hopefully with a different outcome — to the mad cow outbreak in Great Britain.

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Genomics put science into cattle production

Genomics put science into cattle production

David Blanchette


Anything that offers predictability in an unpredictable business like agriculture can be beneficial for producers and consumers. “We are all trying to have that edge in marketing, selling and purchasing, and the ability to genomically evaluate beef cattle gives us that edge,” said Steve Andras of Manchester, whose family has operated a purebred cattle business since 1898.

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Passion for beef industry runs in her veins

Passion for beef industry runs in her veins

Amanda Push

Kearney Hub

After growing up on a cow-calf and small grains operation in Waldron, Mich., a passion for working in the beef industry runs through the veins of Jennifer Leupp. “It’s just been, I guess, bred into me,” said the owner of Exposure Design and Consulting Group of Overton, a nutrition consulting agency that also provides livestock photography, videography and marketing.

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Brazilian beef scandal brings boon to cattle futures

Brazilian beef scandal brings boon to cattle futures

Walt and Alex Breitinger

News Ok

Concerns about Brazilian beef lead this edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities wrap-up. April cattle futures exploded this week to the highest level in over a year, nearing $1.23 per pound.

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