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Michigan’s increase in Bovine TB outbreaks linked to weather?

Michigan’s increase in Bovine TB outbreaks linked to weather?

Nicole Heslip

Brownfield Ag News

The Michigan state veterinarian says the recent uptick in bovine tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks could be weather related. Dr. James Averill tells Brownfield the department’s hypothesis is that the prevalence of bovine TB has increased in the wild deer population which has increased the risk of it spreading to the cattle herd.

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Luing cattle – an efficient maternal breed

Luing cattle – an efficient maternal breed

Heather Smith Thomas


Iain Aitken is passionate about his Luing (pronounced ‘Ling’) cattle and their outstanding traits that make cattle-raising easy. He and his wife Rowena have 200 head of this Scottish breed on their farm near Belmont in southwestern Manitoba.

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Surviving Cattle From Wildfire at Risk of Laminitis

Surviving Cattle From Wildfire at Risk of Laminitis

Ashley Davenport

Farm Journal

While thousands of cattle died in last week’s wildfires in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, those also hit hard by fire are the surviving beef cattle. From mild surface burns to debilitating hoof injuries, ranchers and veterinarians are teaming up to render care and compassion.

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