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Genomic EPDs Help Producers Learn the Value of Prediction Accuracy When It Comes to Breeding

Genomic EPDs Help Producers Learn the Value of Prediction Accuracy When It Comes to Breeding

Oklahoma Farm Report

The cattle industry has always had an interest in getting more information on the performance of the animals being produced. Now days, technology has been integral in helping producers make significant progress in mining this information.

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Do you know which feed is most cost effective?

Do you know which feed is most cost effective?

Tri State Neighbor

"Feed costs exceed 50 percent of the annual beef cattle production costs, and with the current market situation, the pressure to determine the most cost-effective feedstuffs has become even more important," said Adele Harty, SDSU Extension cow-calf field specialist.

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Why Consumers Don’t Understand Agriculture

Why Consumers Don’t Understand Agriculture

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Consumers today do not understand agriculture: where their food comes from and how it is produced.  The agricultural sector expends a good deal of energy trying to bridge this gap, a task that has been made more important and more difficult in recent years. But teaching consumers how their food is produced will not bring them any closer to understanding farmers.

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What’s the Difference Between Grain-Fed and Grass-fed?

What’s the Difference Between Grain-Fed and Grass-fed?

Shannon Hayes

On Pasture

More than ever before, folks are willing to try bringing grass-fed meats home for their families.  Yet still, the myth prevails, even among grass-fed advocates, that the eating just won’t be the same as the good ol’ grain-fed days.

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Minerals and the Veterinary Feed Directive

Minerals and the Veterinary Feed Directive

Dr. Ken Mcmillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Some minerals now require a Veterinary Feed Directive for purchase. There is confusion around this issue, and it won’t be the last time as we all learn how the VFD works in the real world.

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Giving CPR to a Newborn Calf

Giving CPR to a Newborn Calf

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin

In a normal, easy birth, the calf is stimulated to start breathing as soon as the umbilical cord breaks or his face and nose are uncovered when the amniotic sac comes off his head. Sometimes after a hard birth, a backward birth, or even a normal birth when the sac doesn’t break, the calf was without oxygen too long and can’t start breathing.

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Cargill donates $50,000 of fencing materials to fire-stricken ranchers

Cargill donates $50,000 of fencing materials to fire-stricken ranchers


Cargill is donating $50,000 in new fencing materials to ranchers in the Ashland area. It comes in response to last week’s fast-moving wildfires. Estimates indicate that up to 100,000 miles of ranch fencing was destroyed in Kansas.

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ABC ordered to face defamation trial over ‘Pink Slime’ reports

ABC ordered to face defamation trial over ‘Pink Slime’ reports

Jonathan Stempel


A South Dakota state judge has ordered ABC Broadcasting to face a potential $5.7 billion defamation lawsuit claiming it damaged Beef Products Inc by referring in a series of reports to a meat product it sold as "pink slime."

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Increase pastures through cropland conversion

Increase pastures through cropland conversion

Bruce Anderson, Daren Redfearn, Jerry Volesky And Mitch Stephenson

Progressive Forage

Production costs remain high as crop prices decline. Cattle numbers increase and compete for scarce pastures. Converting cropland to pasture might make sense, but plan ahead and do it right.

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Building Beef Demand Takes a Long-term View

Building Beef Demand Takes a Long-term View

Jo Stanko

Beef Council

Winters can add some interesting challenges for a ranch in a mountain town where snowfall can reach 400 inches in a year, but we’ve discovered firsthand that animals and humans alike adjust to their surroundings.

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