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Is Waygu The World’s Most Overrated Steak?

Is Waygu The World’s Most Overrated Steak?

Richard Vines

Wagyu from Japan is often held up as the best beef in the world. The meat is tender as the night. It’s so soft, steak knives are optional. Its marbled fat dissolves into a buttery flavor so rich it could retire to Florida….. “I hate the stuff,” says Richard Turner, butcher and author of Prime: The Beef Cookbook (Mitchell Beazley, 2017), which will be published in the U.K. this week and in the U.S. in May.

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Internal Parasite Control Saves Producers Significantly Every Year

Internal Parasite Control Saves Producers Significantly Every Year

Stephen B. Blezinger

Cattle Today

Since man has managed and produced cattle, control of internal parasites (worms, flukes) has been an issue. And while the industry seems to repeatedly discuss and address the problem, given the implications on animal health and performance, revisiting the subject is a necessity.

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Answers for Anaplasmosis

Answers for Anaplasmosis

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

anaplasmosis, is a common disease in many parts of the country, especially the Gulf Coast. And it seems to be expanding. This is caused by a small blood parasite that can destroy red blood cells, causing anemia and, in time, death. It’s transmitted by biting insects, especially ticks and horseflies. Humans can spread the disease through the use of contaminated needles and instruments used for castration or dehorning.

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The Critical Leg of the Journey from Replacement Heifer to Mature Cow

The Critical Leg of the Journey from Replacement Heifer to Mature Cow

Karla H. Jenkins


As spring approaches, so does calving for most beef cattle producers. Spring also begins the most critical part of the journey for the replacement heifer becoming a cow. A spring calving replacement heifer with a target mature weight of 1200 pounds is likely weighing about 950 pounds entering the last trimester of pregnancy and would need to gain about 2.0 pounds per day prior to calving even if she was in a moderate body condition.

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Update on Iowa cattle poisoning case

Update on Iowa cattle poisoning case

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

Last October The Cattle Business Weekly newspaper reported on a cattle poisoning incident at the Joel and Marilyn Moser farm at Alvord, Iowa. At the time of the initial report cattle at the Moser farm were dying due to lead poisoning from a battery that was found in the cattle feed.

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Think Safety First; Newborns Bring Unpredictability

Think Safety First; Newborns Bring Unpredictability

Lisa Pfeifer

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Winter 2017 in Ohio has been anything but predictable. Rolling on through late winter and early spring here, will likely present farmers with a rollercoaster of environmental conditions to face while managing animal herds during spring birthing.

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Worst day of my life

Worst day of my life

Kylene Scott

High Plains Journal

Fifty-two cows are on the farm, with about half or 3/4 of them with young calves. Most are accounted for. All the grass is gone, as is the hay stockpile. He went and hauled water to the cows this morning and some are scorched and others have udders with burns. One cow is bawling for her missing calf. "Those poor mommas," was my text reply to him this morning.

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