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Weather mix poses challenges for calving

Weather mix poses challenges for calving

Janelle Atyeo

Tri-State Neighbor Reporter

February’s temperamental weather heading into calving season set the stage for a few possible issues for newborn calves. South Dakota’s February weather was unusual this year. Bitterly cold days early in the month gave way to a week with highs in the 60s. Then the spring-like conditions came to an abrupt end, with a storm system Feb. 23-24 causing a sharp drop in temps and bringing more snow.

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Calving Your Beef Cows

Calving Your Beef Cows

Larry Tranel

American Cattleman

Beef cow/calf producers in the Midwest are quite traditional in their fondness for latewinter calving and selling feeder calves off pasture come fall. That tradition can be questioned as to whether that is the best practice for a particular farm, according to Ben Bartlett, a Michigan State University Livestock Agent. Winter feeding is the crux of the beef cow business. However, the midwest also has advantages of being able to grow lower cost forages, access to low cost grain and energy alternatives along with a panoply of marketing alternatives.

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Judge: Nevada Rancher’s Son Must Pay $587K, Remove Cattle

Judge: Nevada Rancher’s Son Must Pay $587K, Remove Cattle

Ag News Feed

A Nevada rancher whose father led a decades-long fight with the U.S. government over grazing and property rights has been ordered to pay $587,000 and remove any livestock he has on federal lands by the end of the month. Wayne N. Hage is the son of cattleman and longtime Sagebrush Rebellion figure Wayne Hage, who died in 2006.

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