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Protein’s Effect on Reproduction

Protein’s Effect on Reproduction

Kasey Brown

Angus Journal

Nutrition and reproduction go hand in hand. Researchers have documented that excess protein has a negative impact on fertility in dairy cattle as increased concentrations of plasma urea nitrogen and milk urea nitrogen are associated with suppressed fertility. Patrick Gunn, assistant professor and beef cow-calf extension specialist from Iowa State University, explained how protein affects beef cow fertility at the 2016 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle (ARSBC) Symposium last fall.

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Schools to replace toxic fescue

Schools to replace toxic fescue

Julie Harker

Brownfield AG News

The damaging effects on cattle that winter graze on toxic fescue have been showing up in Missouri. Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist, tells Brownfield toxic fescue “Kentucky 31” is the cause. In one case, a Missouri producer lost five out of 30 cows to fescue foot.

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Associations between feed efficiency and reproduction function 

Associations between feed efficiency and reproduction function 

Kansas State University

In the midst of bull sale season, most producers have a few key traits in mind, depending on their operation. For producers looking for a bull to sire "easy keeping" cattle, researchers in Canada, have reason to believe that selecting for bulls with desirable feed efficiency might put negative selection on passing a breeding soundness examination as a yearling.

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